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5 reel casino slots is where the big money is

By mr-casino on 2014-06-16 09:12:47

There are many popular online casino games but the category of casino games that is always to be found is the casino slots section. All online casinos have a huge choice of online casino slots and they often try to categorise them into classic slots, slots or jackpot slots but at the end of the day there are only two types of casino slots being three reel and five reel slots but the variation of winning lines and the amounts played per line are what makes them all different along with the triggers for free spins or jackpot games or wilds. The simplest is still the original three reel one win line slot and it is certainly simple to understand and to follow and these casino slots still remain very popular but the real money is to be found at 5 reel slots which these days all have themes rather than the simple fruit symbols of days gone by. Some of the most popular themes on casino slots are those from film characters and they are often accompanied by music from the same film but assuming that you want to play casino slots to win rather than watch a movie then you should be concentrating more on things such as sticky wins whereby a winning line stays put while you get free spins to see if it can be improved before being paid out. Other casino slots such as Gonzos Quest which can be found at All Irish Casino or No Bonus Casino spins the winning symbols again in a free spin (actually on this casino slot it is exploding rocks rather than spins but the result is the same) as well as paying out the win and a second win doubles the value and that carries on until a 5 times payout. If you want the real big money though you will need to be playing one of the progressive jackpot slots.