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Welcome to our Irish Casino News page. Here you will find relevant information on casino news related to Irish casinos and gambling industry. The information you’ll find here in our Irish Casino News page is not just restricted to Dublin or a particular city, but the whole of Ireland. You will find Irish Casino News here related to latest jackpots, bonuses, lottery, new launches etc and more on our page.

The Gaming and gambling industry in Ireland has grown significantly in recent years. The Irish economy has grown and is set to double its size in the next 10yrs. Our website for Irish Casino News has a dedicated team behind, which takes a lot of hard work and sincerity to put up something fresh, unique, exciting and genuine every time. Our team of hard working people makes it all possible to get to you the latest, the best and real Irish Casino News.
The growth of private casinos and the influence of the internet are rapidly changing the picture of gambling in Ireland.

On our Irish Casino News page you will find the listing of all the casinos in Ireland. We have a special page which has information about all the latest happenings and news about the Irish Casino industry. There are different headings on our websites for different categories of casino news and reports.
The latest Irish Casino News you can find on our website is of Ireland, as the country is being readied to tax online gambling. In short, whatever Irish Casino News you are looking for, you can find it right here on our website. You can also add the Online Casino RSS Feed to your news reader, in our website, so you can stay up to date with all their quality online and Irish Casino News.

People who are looking for casinos in and around their area in Ireland, need not worry and need not look anywhere on the internet for a scattered information, hopping through various websites at the same time. Rather take a look at our Irish Casino News page, which has a listing of each and every casino in Ireland as well as online casinos. You have everything and all Irish Casino News and related reports and events under one page rather than wasting your time searching ad hopping through various websites all over the Internet.

If a game company or a casino launches new software tomorrow, you can find the news first on our Irish Casino News section. If there is a major scam related to the casino industry anywhere, you will find it here first on our Irish Casino News web page. You want to know about the shares, who won the latest jackpot, which company has been in a recent scandal, what are the new offerings by Casinos etc. our Irish Casino News section is the page to be. All the casinos listed on our Irish Casino News portal have something or the other in the interest of Irish players.

We are always on the look out for new and crisp reports that you would not have to look anywhere else on the internet for your casino search any more. Our Irish Casino News page will satisfy the needs of all the gambling Irish customers.


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