Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Table Games

The online casino table games offer both entertainment and profits thus, facilitating gambling from home. There are games played at tables or at machines. The casino table games are games played at a table operated by a live dealer or croupier. They can be played online or live at a casino. More than 50% of the players prefer an ultimate Irish casino table game. The adventurous prefer online casino table games that require a great deal of strategy. Baccarat, blackjack, roulette, craps and Caribbean stud poker are some entertaining casino table games. Being attentive and observant are some key qualities required for a chance at winning. Understanding the rules and regulations will likewise minimize losses at the casino table game.


‘Blackjack or 21’ is the most popular online casino card game. You make profits by gaining approximately 21 points without going over it. The main objective is thus to simply beat the dealer. This game demands luck, skill and stratagem. The publicity surrounding the card tables and the dealer add plenty of excitement.

In Ireland, the casino table game layout is arranged in a semi-circle. When you play Blackjack, the dealer faces 1-7 players with each player playing independently. The player must place a bet upon which he receives 2 cards. Cards with numbers correspond to that value while jack, queen and king amount to 10 points. Ace can be accounted as 1 or 11. Anyone going over 21 points is ‘busted’. If neither busts, the player with the higher hand is the winner. The player is a blackjack or natural when his initial cards total 21.  The payoff on bets in online casino blackjack games is 1:1 and is an exceptional 3:2 in case of a blackjack. One can also opt for an insurance win of 2:1.

The dealer exposes one card and retains the other as the hole card. The player can decide to hit, stand, double his bet, split or surrender. The player will receive another card when he decides to ‘hit. He will not take more cards when his option is ‘stand’. Thus, his decision is the casino table game strategy. The dealer stands on 17 or hits at 16.The rules and the house advantages vary in each casino. Online Irish casino table games offer excellent live bet blackjack and the thrill of gambling from home.


Roulette is an online wheel table game casino where the player bets on either a single number or a set of numbers. The croupier will spin the wheel and the ball in opposite directions. The ball will eventually lose speed and fall into one of the 37 coloured and numbered pockets. In America, it is 38 as they have an additional ’00’ to increase the house advantage. The objective of the online wheel casino table game is in predicting the slot that the ball will land in. One can maximize this by placing different bets but at a decreased payout ratio.

In a wheel table game casino, a straight bet on a single number will pay a maximum 35:1. Placing a split bet on two numbers when you play Roulette pays 17:1, street bet on 3 numbers offer a payout ratio of 11:1. The payout is as less as 1:1 in case of even bets.

It is the classic online gambling casino game that brings a thrill of anticipation and intoxication. Winning the game is simply exhilarating.


Baccarat is a favourite casino table card game especially among the Irish. There are 3 kinds of bets: Player, Banker and Tie. The shoe will consist of 6-8 decks with each hand receiving two cards. The total sum of the 2 cards will determine the value of the hand. The main objective of online casino baccarat game is to predict the highest value. The highest value is 9 with face cards and ten valued as zero. Normally, the player hand stands at 6 while the banker hand stands at 7.

Bets at a casino baccarat table game must be made before the hand starts. The payout ratio is usually 1:1 and lower in case of banker as commission is charged. In Tie, the returns are 8:1

The game was popularised by James Bond. The casino table card games stakes are high and attracts many wealthy players. Many win and lose huge sums of money when they play Baccarat casino table game.


Craps is an online casino table game where the bet is placed on the outcome of rolling a pair of dice. The players can wager against each other or the banker. This makes it a highly popular and social casino table dice game in Ireland with a real sense of gambling experience.

The player must roll the dice hoping for a 7, when he wins the bet. If the dice is 2 or 12, the player loses the game. If the option is 3, 6, 8 or 11 then the player has an opportunity to roll the dice again.

There are many kinds of bets when you play Craps, like Don’t Pass Line bet, Pass Line bet and Come bet. One can bet on the odds, single-roll and multi-roll bets in a best odds casino table game. All bets casino table games have a house advantage. Minimize the personal losses by placing bets with the least house advantage in a casino table dice game.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is an online casino table game that is fascinating and simple. This game is played at a poker table in a clockwise direction. Unlike other games, this casino poker table game is played against the house.

Every player will receive 5 cards. When the dealer will turn one of his cards, the player can view his cards but must maintain privacy. He cannot disclose details to the others. They have the option to fold or play. The main strategy when you play Caribbean stud poker casino table game is that the player must not fold any pair. He must fold if the cards are less than AK.  This will increase the profitability of the player by reducing the house advantage. The payouts and rules of a casino poker table game vary according to casinos and jurisdictions.

Normally, the payout ratio is 1:1 on the ante and the player can win high stakes on his bet. In addition, the player can place bets on poker hands and win the progressive feature or the jackpot. To maintain the sanctity of the game, a machine shuffles the cards.  In Ireland and other European countries, this game is also called casino stud poker table game.