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Online casino has been making headway in the world of online gaming since the last two decades. It was in the mid 1990s that the concept of online casinos first started catching up. The west has been really keen to embrace the concept of the online casino system, and from there began the rapid growth of the online casino industry.

United Kingdom, along with United States of America, has been in on the online casino scene for quite some time. The industry has been flourishing with the regular patronage from the western countries. New technologies have been introduced, both in terms of online casino banking and in terms of gaming and entertainment.

Unfortunately, Ireland has been a little slow in catching up with UK in its interest in online casinos. It is quite surprising because many casinos all over the world offer games and software with underlying Irish themes. Though online gambling is pretty much prevalent in the UK, especially the game Bingo, the Irish have been a little slow and reluctant to embrace the concept. In fact, it was as late as the year 2003 when the first online casinos, with any semblance of what modern online casinos are today, showed up in Ireland. Apart from the online casinos, there were also the online lotteries which paved the way forward for Irish online casinos.

In 2004, Ireland saw its first bookmakers’ services. These bookmakers finally started popularizing the internet and TV/Radio based online gambling services. Even as gambling is being prohibited in many parts of the world, with the United States of America setting the precedent with the Gambling Prohibition laws, there have been many problems for online casinos regarding the function, registering of domains, licensing and even depositing of money into online casino accounts.

Ireland has no problems of such sort. Ireland is one of the very few countries all over the world where gambling is still largely unregulated. There are a few laws for the brick and mortar casinos, however these too are laws that have become outdated. Online casinos in Ireland still remain functioning without any regulations or restrictions. In fact, till date, Ireland is the only country where winnings from online casinos go tax free.

As far as brick and mortar casinos are concerned, Ireland only has a few. When it comes to online casinos, the Irish have access to any online casinos all over the world. In the European Union itself, there are several casinos which can be accessed by the Irish. Since these casinos accept deposits in Euros and pounds, even depositing money into the online casino accounts is not a very big hassle.

The casinos in Ireland are estimated to do a business of more than 3 Billion Euros per year. There are specific online casinos like Ladbrokes and Paddy Power which carefully operate within the confines of the few laws that still govern the gambling activities in Ireland.

Ladbrokes Casino

Ladbrokes casino is a part of the well established Ladbrokes PLC, one of the world’s leading gaming and online betting company. Ladbrokes is most famous for its sports betting games and software. There are unique interactive betting services that function all through the day, along with 24/7 customer support which allows you to reach to Ladbrokes whenever you need assistance. The sports betting section includes horse racing betting, football betting, world cup betting and other kind of financial betting on a variety of financial products.

This is one of the few authentic online casinos in Ireland that have authentic Irish games, tilted to perfection. There are also 500 other online casino games to choose from. The online poker rooms are meant exclusively to deal with the game of skill. Blackjack and Roulette are other ultra realistic games with great graphics and excellent audio quality.

Ladbrokes online casino also offers online Bingo, a game which has crazed the entire UK. There are jackpot games which are spaced a few minutes apart every now and then. These jackpots are announced much before the games are played. If you are not into Bingo that much, you can also try playing online Backgammon.

Apart from the exciting games, Ladbrokes online casino in Ireland also offers several deposit methods for its players. Since Ireland has not yet seen much of online casinos, a bouquet of options for depositing can ease the mind of the players. There are also several options for withdrawing money from the casino account, which again reassures the players.

Paddy Power Casino

Another Irish online casino, Paddy Power is one of the most famous when it comes to online gambling. Paddy Power casino also offers several options for betting on sports. There are live games on which you can bet. For casino, they have online casino downloadable software, as well as live and instant casino playing options.

There are several options for betting on sports, along with tutorials for new players on how to play the different casino games in Ireland. The casino employs hundred percent secure payment gateways and also provides a long list of both depositing and withdrawing options. There are plenty of new promotions which keep on changing. The casino offers generous bonuses to new players and also has other bonuses on deposits.

Apart from the games, the casino is also known for its well trained and polite customer care service which is accessible 24/7. The players can instantly contact the customer care service if there is any technical glitch or any other problem that they are facing.

Paddy Power casino attracts a medley of people from all over the world. Though specifically an Irish online casino, catering to the interests of Irish gamers, Paddy Power casino is popular enough to get patronage from the rest of the European Union as well as USA. This makes for an interesting combination of players, all of who make for a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Ireland is well on its way to legalizing and regulating online and offline gambling activities. It is only a matter of time before the online casinos will be regulated. It is estimated that such a move would encourage more online casinos to partake in the Irish gambling action.