Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Live Casino

The gambling community has been lit up by the appeal and excitement that surrounds the games at online live casinos as well as the technology used. In a live online casino, you can see the dealer in your computer screen – yes, a real dealer, live, dealing in a land based casino. A camera is used to bring the real casino experience to the online player’s computer screen. You get the same feel as a land based casino, without having to leave home.

When online casinos started in the mid 1990s, the events of the games were simulated by computer software. The card dealt or the roulette number called or the craps dice rolled were decided using a Random Number Generator that was the heart of the software. The random number generated was linked to the specific casino event like the card dealt or roulette number called and this was displayed on the player’s computer screen. The acceptance of online casinos was delayed because players at first were uncomfortable at trusting a mechanism that they could not see. Over the years, improvements in animation and graphics and audio effects like game sounds and dealer’s voices brought in a bit of the land casino experience but it was far from the real thing. In fact its only drawback was that they could not replicate the thrill of live land casino experience.

This has been overcome to a large extent through live games now being offered on most online casinos. Live games are not based on random number generators. Dealers actually conduct casino operations as done in land casinos. They physically deal the cards or spin the roulette wheel. These are video taped and transmitted to the online player through a video stream in real time. Thus the land casino experience is transmitted to the online player. In the best online casinos, not only can players see the dealers dealing the cards but also chat with them.

The main reason why people play in a live casino is because of the webcam feature, where you see, hear and chat with the live dealer and sometimes with other players. More than 50% of the people who play in an online casino are not 100% sure if everything goes fair. It’s difficult to see and know because the computer decides the cards you get and rolls the ball in the roulette wheel.

For those people a live casino is a very good solution where you actually see the dealer giving you the cards and throwing the ball in the roulette wheel. Every live casino has at least one webcam, but the most also have 3-4 webcams to show different areas and close ups from the ball. In this way you don’t only see the work of the dealer but also different angels of the game.

Another reason that people like live casinos is because it allows for them to learn a new game in a very unthreatening way. When you play online in a live setting, you get to see the way the game would really be played in a casino and you can learn without feeling self conscious for not already knowing how to play.

Some of the famous live casinos in the Irish market are Lucky Live Casino, Dublin Bet Casino, Paddy Power Casino, Bet365 and the Smart Live Casino.

Many people appreciate the live casino experience much more because there are not as many delays as there are in the brick and mortar casino. When you play in a live setting you are still getting the benefit of real time play but since everyone is not sitting at the same table there are not as many delays.

Another very common reason that people seek out the live casino is because they don’t like the distraction of playing in the brick and mortar casino but they like the real time play. Many people feel like they play better when they don’t have distractions.

The Advantages of playing at Live Casinos:

The most obvious advantage with a live casino is that you will never have to feel that you are getting cheated by the house. Most of the players that play at online casinos feel that they are getting cheated in some way when they should happen to lose a couple of more hands on the blackjack table than what would seem normal and even though all online casinos are being heavily supervised in terms of fairness there will always be a bit of doubt in the players mind. When playing at a live casino, it is a whole different story altogether. At a live casino you will actually see the cards being shuffled before you play card games and you will see the cards being dealt in real time via live streaming. If you are a fan of playing roulette it is the same concept there, you see the dealer in real time while they are setting the ball in motion and you call follow all of the spins on the roulette table in real time. So this is really the closest thing you can get to a land based casino without actually going there.

The popularity of live casino games is increasing and most online casinos run live casino games round the clock. A complete schedule is put up at the web site, detailing which dealer will be online at what times and will be available at which tables. Other details such as the bio data and photograph of the dealers are also provided. Players can check when their favourite dealers will be online and thus can adjust their schedules accordingly. As in land based casinos, playing with the same dealer increases familiarity and comfort level. Knowing the dealer personally and chatting with her or him while playing enhances the playing experience and brings online casinos several steps closer to land based casinos.

Thus choose the live casino as per your needs and the games you are looking for and enjoy a fun-filled and thrilling ride with the whole experience of gaming and gambling.