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A casino croupier is not just a pretty face

By mr-casino on 2011-06-20 14:13:11

We read in the casino news recently that a young Irish lady had been selected from thousands of applicants to become one of the first new croupiers in the London playboy club which is reopening which got us thinking about the young ladies which we see at online casinos in the live casino section. Live casino is available at all our top three online casinos as recommended here on and not unusually they also have very attractive young ladies but appearance is clearly not all that is required to make a good croupier. This is particularly true for roulette where with all the different odds and stakes from various players mathematical skill is a definite requirement. In normal online casinos the calculations are all taken care of by the software in an instant and in fact if you play online roulette you may find that your account has been credited with the correct winnings before you have had a chance to work it out for yourself. Training for casino croupiers is quite extensive as they must know the rules of the game and more importantly how the casino players might try to cheat although that is not possible at online casinos whether they be live casinos or not. Live casino also provides a chat facility so interpersonal skill is also important along with the ability to act under pressure when some quite large wagers have hit the table. Should you like the idea of playing roulette or blackjack with an actual dealer with whom you can have a dialogue then live online casino is probably for you but unfortunately only those two games plus Baccarat are likely to be available so if you like slots or any of the other casino games as many people do then you will need to stick to your regular online casino..