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A casino deposit with a Visa credit card is not a good idea

By mr-casino on 2013-12-08 09:23:56

Online casino deposit methods remain one of the most misunderstood elements of online gambling but it is important to know which methods are available and which you should or should not use as not all casino deposit methods are equal. One of the most popular in the Irish casino market remains the use of Visa but of course there are two types of Visa card these days namely the credit card and the debit card and in terms of visa casino deposits they are treated quite differently. To start with you cannot make a visa debit card deposit unless you have the money in your account whereas with a credit card casino deposit that is not the case. For this reason alone, would suggest that the debit card is better but there are also other reasons why a credit card casino deposit is not a good idea and it is to do with costs. Online casinos run with relatively small margins of a few percentage points which is what makes it possible to win so the last thing you want is to be decreasing your chances by paying some fees to a credit card company for the privilege of depositing using a card however if you choose to deposit using visa credit card that is exactly what happens. Online casino deposits are treated differently from other forms of online purchasing and you should be able to find it in the small print of your agreement but what it amounts to is the your card provider will make a charge simply because it is gambling and this charge can be around 2% which is close to the margin on some casino games. Add to that the fact that a casino deposit using visa or any other credit card is treated as a cash transaction which also attracts interest from the day of the transaction and you can quickly see that a visa casino deposit is not such a good idea.