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A good introduction to poker is let it ride

By mr-casino on 2011-01-03 07:23:50

There are one or two casino games which are a good introduction to poker but do not involve the bluffing element or indeed the possibility to lose all your cash in a single hand and one of those is let it ride poker or let it ride as it is sometimes known. The idea of this game is to from a five card poker hand which then pays out at fixed odds in a similar way to video poker. The unusual thing about let it ride is that instead of placing an “ante” and then adding to your stake as the game progresses you start by placing three bets and then have the chance to withdraw two of them in turn. It is different but it comes down to the same thing in the end. Full details of the game are explained on our let it ride page but very quickly, after placing your three bets you will be dealt three cards face up and two face down; depending on the strength of the three cards that you can see you can now choose to withdraw one of your bets or to let it ride (hence the name of the game). If you withdraw your bet you are not out of the game, you are simply playing for a smaller stake. Once you have made your decision one of the face down cards is turned giving you four visible cards and you have the same decision to make about another of your bets following which the final card will be turned and you can see whether you have won or not. Let it ride poker is a great game both for beginners and for experienced players; you cannot lose more than your original stake and you can win large amounts if you are lucky enough to land a straight flush. If you have never tried let it ride poker give it a go, it is quick and easy to play..