Casino and online casino list for Ireland

A large online casino has no advantage over a smaller online casino

By mr-casino on 2018-01-10 08:43:56

Well into winter now and with the holidays behind us there is not much to look forward to except Spring but there is still plenty of entertainment to be had with online gambling and when it comes to an online casino Ireland has more choice than many other European countries. Fortunately the Government of Ireland is taking a pretty relaxed attitude towards online casinos and indeed all forms of online gambling which is probably historical as gambling and betting has formed part of the Irish culture for a very long time. Other countries such as The Netherlands, although being recognised as a pretty advanced society and very lax when it comes to drugs, have very strict rules about online casinos and in fact they are doing their best to prevent them altogether except of course for the ones that are run by the monopoly “Holland Casino” which is at least partly owned or controlled by the Government. This therefore probably has more to do with generating income for the Government than actually trying to protect the Dutch people from excessive gambling. The UK has at least come clean about its intentions to generate income by allowing many online casinos but insisting that they have a license issued in the UK. To obtain that license they must report the income generated by UK players and then pay tax on it.

This means for example that All Irish Casino which is one of Irelands most popular online casinos and which focuses on Irish casino players must report on UK players which they are bound to pick up every now and then. Without that commitment they would not be able to have the UK license which they do have. The fact that All Irish Casino is licensed in Malta or that Paddy Power Casino is licensed in Gibraltar has no relevance whatsoever. Other countries such as China prohibit online casinos or in fact even land based casinos which is rather strange as the Chinese people themselves love gambling. If you have ever been in a an actual casino in London or many other parts of the UK you will have noticed that there are an incredible number of Chinese playing casino games at the tables and of course in Singapore and Macau (which is an autonomous region on the South coast of China just across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong) the clientele is almost exclusively Chinese. The Chinese Government is trying to stop this as well as they fear that this is being used for money laundering purposes by people engaged in the “black economy” in China which includes bribery. Compared to these countries Irish casino players have it all and are not chased unduly.

The selection of online casinos in Ireland is quite large especially when compared to the total market which is relatively small which means that they are all fighting for market share which should of course be good for Irish casino players. Unfortunately  however the majority of online casinos do not seem to have much imagination when it comes to attracting players and even less when it comes to keeping players. The standard way to attract new players appears to be by using the deposit bonus for new players and once you are a signed up customer there is nothing else unless you are a high roller VIP when there might be additional incentives. There are a couple of alternatives which are very attractive but the whole subject of casinos bonuses will be covered in a later article in a couple of days time. At least All Irish Casino offers mid week deposit matching bonuses to all players.

One of the big decisions when selecting an online casino is whether to go big or small. In some businesses big is beautiful but in online casinos there is absolutely no advantage in being big There are very few sports gambling companies which could be considered small and the reason for that is the investment which is required to set up such a site and of course monitor what is going on all around the world 24 hours a day. We therefore end up Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, 888 and a few others. Online casinos however have the casino software written by specialised companies. It hasn’t always been that way, particularly in the beginning but today there are maybe a dozen companies at most which write casino software. This means that the big online casinos use the same casino software and have exactly the same casino games as the smaller ones. If anything therefore the smaller specialised online casinos might have a slight advantage over the big boys in that they can react faster to changes in the market and also can have a more personal approach to their customers. As long as an online casino is correctly licensed and run and uses one or more of the better known casino software companies there is absolutely no valid reason for not using  them. IT is not for nothing that has a large number of smaller online casinos in the recommended list of 9 online casinos on their site.

Every online casino listed has been checked out and they are bone fide casinos holding correct licenses. Some of them do have strange names such as Instacasino or Yeti Casino and you must wonder where the names come from but as long as they use good casino software and have a good selection of casino games then who cares what they call themselves. Yeti Casino makes no attempt to explain where the name comes from on the site but they do have a complete range of casino games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Red Dog and Texas Hold’em together with hundreds of casino slots from a variety of casino software providers. The focus is on fun and entertainment and one of the plus points of Yeti Casino is that it is fully mobile. Any casino game that you can play on your computer you can also play on your mobile device.