Casino and online casino list for Ireland

A large online casino is not necessarily the best

By mr-casino on 2014-01-23 13:28:45 is now in the fourth year of operation advising Irish casino players where to find a good online casino which is something that can do. From experience in the industry knows what to look for in online casinos in terms of where they are registered and under which licensing authority they are operating as well as which organisations are important to ensure fair play and which online casinos take their social responsibilities seriously. There are always the large online casinos with good names such as Paddy Power casino and Ladbrokes casino and would highly recommend either of those but just because they are big does not necessarily make them the best which is why has a top three listing of online casinos that might be more suitable for the Irish casino player. In those top three you will find a couple of names for which you will never see advertising and therefore the names are not familiar but they are nevertheless veru good online casinos with lots of choice of casino games. The online casinos in question are All Irish Casino and No Bonus casino and although they both use the same casino software, which incidentally is the well known NetEnt software, which makes them look similar but they actually have different approaches. All Irish Casino has been specially aimed at Irish Casino players and is a very friendly little online casino. It has plenty of jackpots and interesting games although you will not find the casino slots with progressive jackpots that can run into millions of Euro. No Bonus casino on the other hand is exploiting the fact that online casinos often give bonuses to new players but in actual fact it can be very difficult to get hold of that cash. The approach of No Bonus Casino is not to give a bonus but instead give cash back if you lose.