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A laser card is good for Irish casino players

By mr-casino on 2014-08-25 13:51:41

There are many unique things that Irish people have but one of the more unusual ones is the debit card known as Laser although the rest of the world knows it as Maestro. For this reason you may find at some online casinos that Laser is not one of the listed casino deposit methods and that is simply that they are not catering specifically for the Irish casino market. Of course those online casinos that are such as Paddy Power casino or All Irish Casino have Laser casino deposits on the list and as far as is concerned this is certainly one of the better casino deposit methods. You can of course use your Laser card for all sorts of transactions not only online casinos but what makes it attractive as a casino deposit method is that the money is available in your casino playing account immediately and there are no charges involved which is not the case with credit cards for example.  As debit cards go laser is one of the more recent additions having only been around since 1996 but in Ireland there are well over 2 million in circulation and many of those will be being used for online casino deposits. There are no questions to be answered with Laser card casino deposits as it is impossible to use if there is no money in your account so the online casino is sure of receiving the cash which is not always the case with other deposit methods and another advantage of using the Laser card for online casino deposits is that any winnings which you have can easily be transferred out using the same card although this may take a day or two so check what the banking section of your chosen online casino says. Laser card deposits are great for Irish casino players.