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Addiction in the general casino news again

By mr-casino on 2013-01-26 11:03:41

In recent general casino news we notice that the thorny question of addiction has been raised again and online casinos are partly to blame according to some. The casino news is reporting the case of Irishman Tony O’Reilly who is 37 years old and was the manager of his local Post Office who managed to steal some €1.7 million to fund his online gambling addiction in little over a year and who was sentenced to 4 years in prison. Most online casinos take great care to spot addiction but in this case it seems it was not online casino play that was his downfall but online sports gambling and of course his position meant that he had access to plenty of cash. According to the general casino news his account was with Paddy Power who treated him as a valued customer and invited him to events such as horse racing but there are some suggestions that betting in betting shops would not have led to this type of behaviour and that online access was the key. There is a counter argument of course which suggests that Mr O’Reilly could easily have placed limits on himself for his online casino and other online gambling activity whereas gambling in the shops have no such limits. It is also reported in the casino news that he made deposits into his online account using cash deposits at various betting shops belonging to Paddy Power suggesting that he was anyway attempting to hide his activity. Paddy Power has come in for some criticism in the casino news for not spotting that he lived in a modest house and was a Post Office manager rather than an oil sheik but that sort of question does not appear when you make an account at an online casino. We are sure that Paddy Power casino and all other large online casinos do their best but it is far better if the individual  makes use of the limit facilities that are available.