Casino and online casino list for Ireland

All online casinos have a live casino option

By mr-casino on 2018-10-05 09:02:39

There used to be a time when it was simple to differentiate between the online casinos that were available to Irish casino players but there are so many these days that it is inevitable that one online casino has the same offering as others. For example, when live casino was first brought in there were only one or two online casinos that had the option but these days it is hard to find an online casino that does not. The only real differentiation in live casino choices is where it comes from which means in which country the casino rooms are located and even that can be difficult to determine. All Irish Casino does have a live casino based in an actual casino in Malta but many others do not specify where the streaming comes from although you can usually guess that it is somewhere in Eastern Europe. Live casino is of course nothing more than a room which has been equipped with card and roulette tables and staffed by humans with the proceedings being streamed live from cameras to your device. The casino games are limited to those that need a dealer such as Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat etc so if you are an avid casino slots player you are not going to be interested.

As differentiation is no longer possible by using the live casino factor, players must look for something else and one of the differentiators could be the casino bonuses on offer. When starting off the search for an online casino as a new player there seem to be plenty of attractive offers available but these bonuses are generally one offs and as most online casino players intend to play for some time it is a fair question to ask whether these one off bonuses are worth the effort. The most common form of joining bonus is the deposit matching bonus whereby the casino matches your first deposit Euro for Euro. This is sometimes extended to the second or even third deposits but possibly at a lower rate such as 50% or even 25%. One thing to note about these casino bonuses is that the bonus money does not appear alongside your own deposited cash but in a separate bonus account which makes it inaccessible until certain requirements have been met. The requirements are generally that the bonus money must be staked around 40 times before it becomes accessible and casino games such as roulette or blackjack may well not count towards that requirement. This is why it becomes questionable whether a one off bonus should be a factor in deciding which online casino to choose.

There are online casinos that take a different approach to the question of bonuses which some might find preferable. Two of those are listed as recommended at and they are Freespins Casino and No Bonus Casino. Freespins Casino awards free spins instead of a regular casino bonus and the good thing is that the free spins are awarded on every deposit; not just the first or second deposits so as long as you carry on playing you are eligible for the free spins. The number of free spins depends both on the size of your deposit and which of the three options is selected. There are three types of free spins available and they are regular, super or monster with the difference being the value of each spin. Regular spins are worth €0.10, Super spins are worth €1.00 and Monster spins are worth €2.50. The casino slots for each of these options are also different and, of course, the win size is commensurate with stake size. Your choice is to go with fewer higher value spins or more lower value spins or something in-between. It is virtually inevitable that after playing through the free spins you will be in profit so the online casino does insist that you play through the winnings 50 times before any of it can be withdrawn but this is only applicable to the winnings from your free spins so there is nothing to lose. The important thing is that the offer of free spins is there for everyone on every deposit made into their online casino account. Freespins Casino is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority as well as the UK Gambling Commission and uses a wide range of casino software which includes NetEnt, Amatic Industries, Thunderkick, Microgaming, SG Digital, Big Tine gaming and NYX thus providing a very large selection of casino slots and other games.

Another alternative for your consideration is No Bonus Casino. As the name suggests, this online casino does not offer any form of conventional bonus but instead offers players cash back if they lose. In simple terms players who make a deposit into their account on any given day and manage to lose the whole lot on the same day will receive 10% cash back the very next day. Players can play any of the casino games on the site to qualify, and there is plenty of choice, and there are no restrictions placed on what can happen to the cash that is returned. In this instance cash means cash so it is placed directly into the player’s playing account and can be used to carry on playing or it can be withdrawn. This is not a one off offer. The cash back is available on every deposit made into a player’s account regardless of how long the player has been registered. There is a maximum amount that can be in a player’s account at the time but this is definitely a good offer and well worth considering when selecting an online casino.

A live casino offering might no longer be a differentiating factor but alternatives to the standard joining bonus for new players only most certainly are. No Bonus Casino and Freespins casino must be right up there and are recommended by this site.