Casino and online casino list for Ireland

All online casinos have a live casino option

By mr-casino on 2016-07-11 12:05:10

Although online casinos have not been around for that long they have already been forced to offer more than the standard casino games which are controlled by what are known as random number generators and they have done that by introducing live casino. It may indeed seem strange to have a live casino option on what is essentially a computer based system but what in effect is meant is that the action is happening in real time which of course it is anyway at any online casino. The only real difference between regular online casino play and live casino play is that at the live casino there is a dealer or croupier involved in dealing the cards or spinning the roulette wheel whereas in the regular online casino the results of the next card or the next number is determined by the random number generator. The casino games themselves are exactly the same in either format except of course that there are far fewer casino games available at the live casino option. These are generally restricted to Roulette, blackjack and baccarat although you can also find Casino hold’em which is essentially Caribbean Stud or Punto Banco which is another name for Baccarat. The live casino option was created for those players including Irish casino players who either distrust the random number generator or who like to talk to someone while they are playing although from experience it seems that the distrust angle is the more likely. Random number generators at all good online casinos such as those listed at are regularly checked to ensure that the results are indeed random and cannot be influenced by anyone but it is still hard to believe when you are having a bad run of luck. This is not aided by the roulette ball taking very unusual jumps on screen when trying to find the winning slot on the wheel. Having said that, the ball on a regular roulette game is subject to some peculiar bounces as well. Live casino is generally nothing more than a specially equipped room which can be in any country and which has been equipped with roulette tables and card tables and in which there are many many cameras which are filming proceedings and streaming the pictures directly to your computer. You place your bets in the normal way but the cards are dealt by the dealer and any winnings r losses are processed in the normal way. These room s are often to be found in Eastern Europe where wages are lower. One exception that knows about is at All Irish Casino where the live casino is streamed from an existing casino building namely the Portomaso Casino in Malta. This does at least ensure that the croupiers and dealers are professionals but it does limit opening hours to those of the real casino but as that operates from around 10:00 in the morning to around 05:00 the next morning this is not much a hindrance to most people. There is also a separate room at All Irish Casino offering 24/7 live casino but this is not attached to the casino itself.

Some of the most popular of all casino games at online casino are casino slots and these are not available at live casinos so if slots are your game then live casino is not for you. It is maybe surprising that the uptake of live casino is very small indeed and only represents a very small percentage of the total spent in online casino play and the use of the chat function is even less. There is no known explanation for this but many online casinos had hoped to encourage more players but this has possibly not come to fruition. Minimum stakes at the live casino option do tend to be more in line with the brick and mortar versions and hence higher than regular online casinos where you can play roulette for example for a few cents whereas many actual casinos often have minimums of €5 or even more. The online casinos are trying to encourage more players by offering special bonuses to new players even if the player in question already has a casino account and plays regularly at the online casino and this is generally in the standard form of deposit matching with play through requirements. Live casino is worth a look at but it is not the revolution that most online casinos were hoping for. Your chances of winning at the live casino option are in theory exactly the same as at the regular online casino as the casino games are identical with the same odds paid. There is no doubt however that some casino players have a favourite dealer and feel that they have a better chance but statistics would indicate otherwise but then again if you enjoy chat with an attractive young lady and it enhances your enjoyment then go for it. All online casinos have a live casino option and you can either choose your table according the stakes level or you can choose for your favourite dealer assuming of course that they are on duty at the time. Live casino is definitely for the high rollers as some of the roulette tables or blackjack tables at Paddy Power casino for example will take stakes of up to €10000 but you are definitely a VIP at that level. Live casino at the top online casinos can also be played on mobile or tablets making it definitely an all day or all night operation. If your online casino is not enough then there is entertainment to be had at the live casino option but the casino games available are limited and in any event casino slots which are very popular indeed are not available. Most online casinos do not require you to have a separate wallet for live casino play so you can switch as you wish between regular and live casino play.