Casino and online casino list for Ireland

An internet casino is only an online casino by a different name

By mr-casino on 2017-01-11 15:33:38

Another name for an online casino is an internet casino as all online casinos by necessity operate through the internet which is why 20 or so years ago there was no such thing as an online casino. Considering this fact it is amazing how quickly online casinos have developed and indeed how Irish people have taken to playing at an online casino. Gambling has always been part of the makeup of Irish people so high street bookmakers have been a common site for many years although even they have changed from being darkened buildings with no windows to being light and airy premises where it is quite acceptable to be seen. An internet casino however provides an added dimension to gambling as they provide a variety of gambling games which hitherto were accessible only via private members clubs and of course there is the added advantage of being able to play at online casinos from the comfort of your own home. The Irish Government has also been friendly towards online casinos and has made no effort to halt their development unlike some countries such as The Netherlands where the Government has made every effort to outlaw online casinos unless they are operated by the Government themselves. This sounds very much like trying to create a monopoly for the Government rather than trying to curb online casinos for any moral reasons. Irish casino players have no such worries and are free to select from a large number of offerings some of which are listed as being recommended at

There are large internet casino such as Paddy Power casino and Ladbrokes casino both of which are very good casinos with excellent casino software but many Irish casino players prefer to be at a smaller online casino which is fine as long as the casino in question is properly licensed and operated and uses a good and well known casino software programme. This is of course where it pays to follow portals such as as they have already done the investigation into licensing and casino software for you so if you choose any one from the list you will be as safe as possible. There are a number of smaller online casinos that are specialists in the casino field and do not get involved in any other form of online gambling such as sports gambling or online poker. This can often mean that the casino games on offer are more varied and nowhere else is that more true than in the casino slots section. All online casinos carry the normal casino games of roulette and blackjack and the rules are the same anywhere you play as long as you are not playing one of the many variations that some online casinos seem to want you to play but when it comes to casino slots there can be vast differences. All casino slots are operated and presented by one of the many casino software companies so which slots are available at your chosen online casino depends on which casino software is being used. It used to be that an online casino chose only one casino software with which to work but the modern trend seems to be for an online casino to carry a variety of games from different casino software suppliers.

One of the classic examples of this can be found at where they use so many different casino software suppliers that they have tabs on the site to make your selection and the number of casino slots available is enormous. Some of the casino slots are quite simple in operation so software suppliers such as Quickfire™ which is actually part of Microgaming have some very simple slots such as Fruit Slots. This casino slot goes back to the very origins of one armed bandits and has three reels with three symbols showing and one winning line. It does not get any simpler than that. At the other end of the scale are some of the progressive jackpots slots which have five reels and many winning lines. For example some of the largest jackpots can be found at casino slots such as Mega Moolah™ which has 25 winning lines but some have even more possibilities. Of course the more winning lines there are the more you are probably staking per spin if you want to cover all winning possibilities so you neeed to take that int account when determining your maximum stake per spin. Mega Moolah™ is available at All Irish Casino amongst others.

The next category of casino slots at online casinos can be called those which are a little different and possibly offering a little more in the way of entertainment either due to the graphics or some special features. One of those is brought to you by casino software supplier NetEnt which is sued by All Irish Casino and the slot is called Gonzo’s Quest™. Gonzo is a rather peculiar looking adventurer who is in darkest Peru in search of riches which gives rise to the Aztec theme of the slot. The unique feature of this slot is that the symbols are carved onto stone blocks that may have been used to build some of the Aztec temples but when a winning combination of symbols is created those stone blocks explode. Any stone above then drops down and any on the top row are replaced. While this is happening a win multiplier clicks over to 2X which means that if the new arrangement of blocks results in another winning line then it pays double. This continues until no more winning combinations are achieved and the win multiplier can reach five times which can result in a tidy sum. Gonzo in the meantime is watching everything going on and is inclined to break into dance if a good win is achieved. There is also a free spins game which is called free falls which is triggered by three free fall symbols and this take you into a separate game where the win multiplier starts at three times and goes up to a maximum of fifteen times the win. More free falls can also be triggered while in free falls mode. This is a casino slot where large wins come from nowhere.