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An online casino bonus can come in different forms

By mr-casino on 2018-04-20 10:56:45

Any online gambling is forever trying to gain new customers and the way they do that is by having special offers for new customers which is great for the new customers but after that there is nothing which is not so good for loyal customers. Sports gambling sites usually have a system of free bets but online casinos generally have a casino bonus in the form of additional cash for betting purposes. This casino bonus comes in the form of a deposit matching bonus which means that when you make your first ever deposit into your online casino account the casino will give you money equal to the size of the deposit but there are conditions attached. Some online casinos will also give you cash on your second and even third deposits but generally these are not equal to 100% of your deposit amount and are more likely to be 50% or even 25%. The major issue with this type of casino bonus is the conditions which are attached to it which make it difficult to actually get your hands on any of it. All the casino bonus money will be placed into a special account which is separate from your own playing account and in order to access it to remove it from the casino you will have to stake the amount a number of times over. This is often as high as 40 times so for example of you deposited €100 on a 100% scheme you would receive €100 from the casino but you would need to stake €4000 before any winnings could be withdrawn. Another factor to be considered is that not all casino games count towards the staking requirement so popular casino games such as roulette and blackjack will probably not count. Casino slots will always count but your chances of winning at casino slots are less than at roulette and blackjack.

You may see at some online casinos a figure of 20 times as a staking requirement but read carefully as that is likely to apply to both your casino bonus and your original deposit. There is nothing basically wrong with these casino bonuses as the additional cash does enable you to play for longer than would otherwise be the case which means more enjoyment but it is important to recognise that actually getting your hands on any of that casino bonus might be tricky. The other issue is of course that it is a one off but there are alternatives available. One such online casino that is listed at is No Bonus Casino and the name leaves you in no doubt that there is no casino bonus available. No Bonus Casino does however need to remain competitive and it does that by offering cash back if you lose. It is actually a pretty simple system which says that if you make a deposit into your online casino account on any given day and manage to lose it all on the same day by playing any casino game on the site then the very next day you will find 10% refunded. There are couple of special features around this form of casino bonus. Firstly the cash back is placed into your regular playing account so there is no requirement at all to stake it as there is in a more normal casino bonus. You can of course use it to play further casino games but you can also simply withdraw it from your account. Secondly this is not a one off for new players only. The promotion is available to every player on every deposit they make into their online casino account. As a casino bonus goes this is a pretty good offer and all the better for not differentiating between new and existing players. has another online casino in the recommended list for Irish casino players that also moves away from the regular casino bonus and that is Freespins Casino. At this online casino every deposit into your casino account entitles you to a number of free spins on a selection of casino slots. The larger your deposit is the higher the number of free spins you will be awarded but the actual number will also depend on which of the casino slots you choose to play them at. At the end of the free spins you are almost certain to be in profit so it is reasonable that the online casino applies conditions before you can withdraw the winnings as cash but those conditions only apply to the winnings from the free spins so there is still nothing to lose and you can have a lot of fun in the meantime. Once again Freespins casino makes no differentiation between new players and existing players so the offer is for everybody.

A casino bonus is of course attractive to anyone but it helps to understand what is actually being offered to avoid disappointment. The deposit matching bonus is certainly the most popular form of casino bonus from the standpoint of the casino but it is a one off and there are restrictions. All Irish Casino does at least offer regular mid week bonuses which are available to existing players so when joining you can at least look forward to further offers. Some online casinos are also very specific about which money must be played first so it is not unusual for you to have to pay your own money before the bonus money so check that out in the terms and conditions. It is of course possible simply to refuse the bonus altogether which is what some players do who cannot be bothered with reading about it all. The two alternatives mentioned of No Bonus Casino and Freespins Casino are both very good online casinos in their own right using top notch casino software and holding licenses issued from Malta and the UK. That, coupled with the alternative casino bonus method, put them well up in the list of recommended online casinos so give them a try.