Casino and online casino list for Ireland

An online casino does not have to be big to be good

By mr-casino on 2015-04-08 14:42:39 is an online casino portal which tries to help Irish casino players choose a safe and honest online casino at which to play and it accomplishes this by looking at a number of online casinos and making recommendations in the form of a top 5. There are reviews of 9 online casinos on the site at the moment so there is plenty of reading material for those looking for an online casino for the first time but you can also take the easy way and simple choose from one of the shortlist. Online casinos do not have to be big to be good but they do require good casino software which is partly why two out of the top three are small online casinos and coincidentally they both use the same respected NetEnt casino software. Third on the list is probably the best known name in Irish casino circles and that is Paddy Power casino which is obviously one of the larger online casinos around. 888 casino is an online specialist and although the online sports gambling is very good, thinks that there are better online casinos. The other very big one is Ladbrokes casino who are again a very well known name in the Irish casino market but again it is considered by some that the sports gambling side is better than the online casino side. Ladbrokes have recently been in the casino news for recognising that something needs to be done to improve their online offering which includes the online casino. There are also a couple of other smaller online casinos on the list one of which is Quartz casino which is probably best ignored for the moment as it is a bit new and may yet not live up to expectations but the other smaller online casino called free spins casino is great and well worth looking at.