Casino and online casino list for Ireland

An online casino is a popular evening pastime

By mr-casino on 2013-05-20 10:33:49

There are many ways to have an online gambling experience and many people are turning to an online casino for a bit of fun in the evenings and it sure beats having to go out and be careful about what you drink and in fact online casinos offer a far greater choice of casino games than you will find at any land based casino. The ever popular roulette and blackjack are always there and are generally offered at the live casino option of your chosen online casino if you like to play that way but online casinos also offer a variety of card games and dice games that you will not find in the land based casino such as Red Dog or Sic Bo. Even more popular casino games such as Craps can be difficult to find outside the USA but it is available at online casinos as can Baccarat or Caribbean Stud poker. When it comes to casino slots we all know that places like Las Vegas have hundreds of slots in their casinos but in Europe it is rare to find that many but at online casinos it is not at all unusual to have a choice of a hundred or so. All casino slots fall into the category of three reel or five reel and it must be said that all five reel slots have some similarities but the differences lie in the characters and the music as well as the way in which free spins and wild symbols are configured in the game. Another major difference is the payout percentage and online casino slots will always have a better payout percentage than land based slots which means of course that your chances of winning are greater. Online casino play is a form of entertainment so the chances are that it will cost money but there is always that chance of winning a huge jackpot which is what makes it exciting.