Casino and online casino list for Ireland

An online casino is better than a land based one anyway

By mr-casino on 2019-05-29 15:16:17

It is really no surprise that online casinos are so popular in Ireland as apart from any other considerations with no Irish land casinos available there is no other choice for casino players. This does mean of course that casino games are quite new to many who have never had the chance to play them apart from the odd game of Blackjack or more likely Pontoon and the one armed bandits in clubs around the country. The online casino of today is a lot more sophisticated and has far more choice of casino games but Roulette, blackjack and casino slots remain the most popular. Possibly the biggest difference can be found in casino slots where most online casinos have several hundred to choose from and the good thing is that the return to player is much higher than it ever was with the fruit machines in clubs. Return to player is a measure of how much of the stake can be expected on average to be paid out as winnings so the higher the percentage the better it is for the player. Historically machines in clubs have an RTP of 70 to 75% but online casino slots regularly have around 95% which is huge difference. This is of course made possible by the lower overheads which online casinos have and the amount of use which the machines get. It must also be considered that clubs often treat slot machines as a substantial source of income and are in no rush to increase the RTP.

Bear in mind that casino slots with very large jackpots have the jackpot calculation factored into the RTP so regular payouts will be less. This is one of the considerations which must be taken into account when selecting the casino slot to play at. Other considerations include the entertainment factor which the slot offers as well as any preference for themes. One of the favourite online casinos of is Fun Casino, the reason being that the casino concentrates on the player having fun. This is achieved by not only having several casino software suppliers featured on the site which in turn means more choice of casino games but also by having multiple choice of ways to limit casino activity which is essential to having fun. Nobody wants players to get into difficulty by playing casino games and the best way to avoid that is to encourage players to set limits upon themselves. Only the individual player knows their limits as €100 to one person might be loose change but to another it could be the difference between eating or not. Fun Casino does go one step further than most online casinos by setting house limits if the player refuses to set their own but this should be a last resort. Limits can be set in a number of ways which include the maximum deposit amount in a set time period or even the length of time spent at the casino.

Casino slots that finds most interesting include Jack Hammer™ and Gonzo’s Quest™ both of which are available at Fun Casino as well CasinoCasino. Jack Hammer keeps you interested because a small win can very quickly develop into a major win thanks to the feature called Sticky Wins™. At Jack Hammer there are the normal 15 symbols visible on the screen in 5 rows of three but the difference is that all symbols are free to move independently from each other instead of being fixed onto reels. The Sticky Wins™ feature is always active and what happens is that when a win is triggered which can be as little as three matching symbols all symbols in that win are held whilst all others are spun again. The frequent result of this is that more of the same symbols appear which therefore increases the size of the win This does not happen only once and in fact the hold and re-spin continues unit the win is no longer improved upon. In this way asimple win can very quickly become quite substantial.

Gonzo’s Quest does not have Sticky Wins™ but it does have a win multiplier for successive wins on the same spin but a lot of the fun is in watching the theme character Gonzo. In this casino slot the symbols are carved onto blocks of stone which fits in with the theme of the intrepid explorer Gonzo searching for gold in darkest Peru. Once again the blocks are not attached to reels so independent movement is possible. When a win is triggered the blocks in that win explode. Any blocks above the exploded ones drop down to take their place and vacant spaces on the top row are filled with new blocks. This then clearly creates a new arrangement of blocks and symbols which can also be a new win. If it is then the win pays double as the win multiplier has moved to 2X. This process repeats itself until no further win is achieved but the win multiplier can move up to 5X face value. Gonzo spends most of his time watching from the sidelines scratching his beard bit a good size win will cause a small celebration which may include him dancing a jig. Get into the free spins mode at this casino slot and things really start to happen. Firstly Gonzo will escort you through to a different set of blocks where the win multiplier starts at 5X and reached 15X for successive wins. It is pretty inevitable that once in the free spins mode you will win a good amount of cash so at payout time gold coins will come cascading over the top of the blocks and Gonzo will be there helping to scoop them up. He even removes his helmet to aid the process but don’t worry they are all yours in the end.

Without Irish land casinos Irish casino players have to resort to online casinos but as these are probably better than anything available land based it is hardly an inconvenience.