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Avoid online casino deposits with a visa credit card

By mr-casino on 2014-04-27 10:34:14

There are several ways of making a deposit into your online casino account and sooner or later you are going to want to do it but it is worth looking at a few of the deposit methods before deciding which to use. The most popular is the Visa casino deposit but there are of course two types of visa card, one being a credit card and the other being a debit card and they are treated differently when depositing into your online casino account using visa. The visa credit card casino deposit option is definitely the one to be avoided if you can because of the charges that will be made for carrying out this transaction. In the first instance the very fact that you are using a visa credit card for casino deposits will attract a charge from the credit card issuer. This is not unique to online casinos as the same charge is applicable to any kind of gambling. Secondly a visa casino deposit will mean that the money is in your casino account immediately and is therefore deemed to be a cash transaction which means that it will be subject to interest from the day of the transaction. By making a visa debit card casino deposit you can avoid both of these charges which is why does not like the use of a visa credit card as a deposit method. Casino deposits with a visa debit card are also instantly available in your casino playing account but unlike credit cards you will need to have the money in your bank account which in fact is not a bad thing as would never advise Irish casino players to gamble with money which you do not have. By all means use a visa card for online deposits but make sure that it is a debit card and not a credit card.