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Baccarat is available at live casino

By mr-casino on 2011-06-18 10:37:17

If you try the live casino option which is available at most but not all online casinos, you will find the choice of table games very restricted; usually only roulette, blackjack and baccarat are available plus very occasionally craps but unfortunately most people do not play Baccarat as they do not understand the game. Baccarat is in fact a very simple game as there are only three possible bets but the difficulty comes in trying to follow the counting of the value of the cards; it is also possibly the only table casino game where you can back the dealers hand against the player. One of the alternative names for Baccarat is Punto Banco which describes the two major bets; Punto is the player (maybe where we get punter from?) and Banco is the bank or dealer; the third possible bet incidentally is a tie. Another unusual feature of Baccarat is that both the hands of the player and the bank are played by the dealer so as a gambler you need do nothing except place your bets; this may sound very strange but in actual fact the play proceeds according to very strict rules so there is zero opportunity for the dealer to play cards differently to your benefit or detriment. We carry a full explanation of Baccarat on so if you want to play baccarat we recommend a read of that page but as we said the only real difficulty is the value of the cards but even that is quickly grasped once you understand that nothing over ten counts; a total of 12 becomes 2 and a total of 16 becomes 6 etc. If you have never tried Baccarat it is well worth a try but play free baccarat first before trying your luck at the live casino tables..