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Baccarat is the casino game made famous by James Bond

By mr-casino on 2012-10-24 12:05:50

One online casino game that has been made famous by James Bond is Baccarat but unfortunately it is rarely played at an online casino despite it being available at live casino options and in fact only a few land based casinos bother to offer Baccarat which is a shame as it is simplicity itself to play and offers one of the best chances of winning of all casino games and you can bet on the dealer winning. The problem with playing Baccarat is that many casino players do not what is going on and that is to do with the counting of the cards which although at first seems very complicated is not really that bad. All you need to remember is that in Baccarat all ten value cards including picture cards count for zero and all other cards count for face value with Ace being one. The other unique thing about counting when you play Baccarat is that no hand can have a value over nine and this is achieved very simply by deducting ten every time that the value of the Baccarat hand exceeds nine so if the cards have a total of 13 it simply becomes 3 and 17 becomes 7. There are also strict rules in Baccarat about how the hand must be played and all the detail is on our Baccarat page but in actual fact as there are only two hands, namely the Player and the Bank, and the  dealer plays both hands anyway you do not need to know but it helps if you do. The game of Baccarat is also sometimes known as Punto Banco and the two hands are known as Punto (The player) and Banco (The bank). As there are only two baccarat hands there are only three possible results which are that the Bank wins, the Player wins or it is a tie and you can bet on any of the three outcomes. Baccarat is a very fast game, good fun and well worth a try.