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Beat the dealer at online casino blackjack

By mr-casino on 2014-05-07 10:56:42

Blackjack is one of those online casino games that everybody knows how to play or at least they think they do but some players win more frequently than others. All online casinos offer blackjack as one of their table games and most will also offer a few varieties of blackjack in an attempt to offer something different but the original game of blackjack is still the best in the opinion of so how is it possible that some players win more often than others. Some pundits will say that it is in the way in which players of blackjack look at the game and this is not helped by many who say that the object of blackjack is to get as close as possible to 21 without busting when in fact the only objective is to beat the dealer. If you think about it carefully you will realise that when you play blackjack the dealer will have no better cards than you over a period of time. There will of course be times when you fell you cannot win but there will also be times when everything drops in your favour but the only real advantage that the house has in blackjack is that if you bust the house wins regardless of what happens later whereas if the house busts you have to still be in the game to win. In blackjack the house will go bust on many occasions as by the written rules they will always draw to 15 which means that any card over a six will bust and there are enough cards over six in the deck. The secret of online casino blackjack is however in knowing when the dealer has a weak hand such as 14 or 15 and although it is impossible to know for sure, the dealer does show one card which should give you a clue.