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Blackjack can have side bets too

By mr-casino on 2010-11-30 08:05:28

Despite Blackjack being one of the simplest of all card games to play, the online casinos are always trying to come up with something original to keep it interesting for you and today we would like to introduce you to a couple of variations which are available at Paddy Power online casino. They are called “High Bet- Low Bet Blackjack” and “Perfect Pairs Blackjack”. Both forms of Blackjack enable you to play the normal games against the dealer with Blackjack paying out at 3 to 2 but you can place what is effectively a side bet on your first two cards. The high bet- low bet game has two side bet possibilities which are whether the total of your first two cards is above 16 (high bet)or below 12 (low bet). If the total is 17,18 or 19 on the high bet or 9,10 or 11 on the low bet you win at odds of 1:1; if you have 20 on the high bet or 6,7,8 on the low bet you win at 2:1; 21 on the high bet or 3,4,5 on the low bet pays out at 3:1 and finally something which we cannot understand is that 22 on the high bet pays out at 11:1 and the only way we can figure to get 22 in two cards is two aces but a low bet of 2 which we figure is also two aces only pays out at 7:1. The other Blackjack variation at Paddy Power is Perfect Pairs and this allows you to place a side bet that your first two cards form a pair. If you have what they call a mixed pair (two cards of the same value but different suits) your side bet wins at 5:1; if you get a coloured pair (two cards of the same value and the same colour, red or black) your bet pays out at 10:1 and if you are lucky enough to get two identical cards (possible of course with multi deck games) it will pay out at a massive 30 to 1. These are all side bets alongside your regular game of Blackjack adding a little bit of extra interest..