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Blackjack gives you a good chance to win if you play your cards right

By mr-casino on 2011-01-29 13:06:32

Blackjack is one of those casino card games that many people enjoy and some can’t see what other people see in it being just another name for Pontoon; of all the casino games available however Blackjack can be played everywhere for all kinds of stakes. Some online casino gamblers will say that Blackjack gives you the best chance of winning out of all the table games and if your cards are played correctly then that is probably true but you do need to know how to play as well as have an element of luck. As it is your cards against the dealers cards the only advantage that the dealer has is that you play first and if you go over 21 (called bust) then you lose regardless of what happens to the dealer later in the hand; logically then you should avoid this as much as possible. How play progresses in Blackjack is contained on our Casino Table Games section so we recommend that you read that first if you do not understand the game but basically in a large number of hands there is not much thinking to be done; for example in every hand that you draw 17 or over you should stand; we know that the dealer will draw cards to 17 or above and then stand so it is a matter of luck which one of you has the higher hand. Similarly, if you have 11 or less you will draw a card because you cannot bust your hand with one card so the difficulty only arises when you arrive at 12 through 16. If you draw on 15 there is more than a 50% chance that you will bust, if you draw on 16 that chance rises to over 60% but remember the same applies to the dealer and you can see one of the dealers cards before you decide what to do. 30% of the cards are value ten therefore if the dealer is showing a 6 there is a 30% chance that they will end up with 16 or a 38% chance they will end up with either 15 or 16. The table casino game of Blackjack should be played bearing in mind these sort of percentage chances and with average luck it is possible to win..