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Blackjack remains a popular online casino game

By mr-casino on 2015-10-29 10:02:59

There seem to be more and more online casinos appearing every month but the casino games remain the same with the most played probably being casino slots closely followed by Roulette and Blackjack. Online casino blackjack used to be a simple game  but  some online casinos are offering various alternatives such as taking insurance against the dealer having blackjack when showing an ace or surrender blackjack where you can fold your hand without playing and lose only half your stake. You might want to do this if you had 16 for example where your chance of busting is quite high. Another point about these alternative blackjack games is that there can be special rules applied which you need to know about. considers that these alternative casino blackjack games are not great for Irish casino players preferring instead the original blackjack game. It is quite possible to make a profit when playing blackjack at your online casino by keeping an eye on the single cad that is showing in the dealer hand and of course by having an element of luck. A point to remember is that the sole purpose of playing blackjack is that you are trying to beat the dealer, getting close to 21 is only relevant in that you stand a better chance of winning. To beat the dealer however you need to be in the game when the dealer is playing their cards; if you have already bust you have already lost. So if you have 16 in the above example of surrender blackjack you can sacrifice half your stake or you can stand and risk your whole stake and hope that the dealer goes bust. The dealer will always draw to 17 in online casino blackjack so there is always a chance that the dealer will go over 21 especially if the single card showing is a 5 or a 6.