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Bwin and Party casino not performing as expected

By mr-casino on 2014-08-29 08:22:34

Recent articles in the general casino new suggest that the partnership of Bwin and Party Gaming who got together in 2011 to form one of the largest online casinos and online gambling companies is not working as expected. Logic said back at the time of the amalgamation that Party with a great online casino and even better online poker customer base together with the sports gambling base of Bwin could be nothing else but a winner but the casino news reports the path has been anything but smooth and indeed has told Irish casino customers on several occasions that there are still two separate online casinos which seems a bit strange after approximately three years. To resolve the issue Bwin/Party brought in a new chairman in the shape of Philip Yea who was previously CEO of private equity giant 3i but it has been well reported in the online casino news that since he took control some three months ago the share price of the company has managed to drop around one third of its value. Reports in the casino news suggest that extenuating circumstances have prevented better results coming through such as the delays in legalising the online poker and online casino markets in the USA which is still nowhere near being finalised and the possibility of the new tax in the UK having a negative effect but considering the markets have been the same for years it is possibly more to do with competitiveness of the market and possibly that the online casinos are not as good as others which are available to Irish casino players and those from other European countries. Today the company will release half year results and shareholders will be hoping that Mr Yea has some better news and possibly a plan of how to improve.