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Caribbean Stud comes from Aruba — probably

By mr-casino on 2010-11-04 15:46:10

Caribbean Stud Poker is an unusual name for a card game and you would not be alone in wondering about the origins of the name. Nothing is certain but some rumours suggest that the game originated in Aruba which is an island in the Caribbean that has been under Dutch rule since around 1636 but others suggest that the Poker game started in America and was brought to the island on cruise ships which would make it much more recent. Regardless of its age or origins Caribbean Stud Poker remains one of the most intriguing games in the casino and is really very simple to play. The hands in Caribbean Stud are the same as in other forms of poker but whereas in Texas Hold’em you are playing against other players, in Caribbean stud you are playing against the dealer and a winning hand pays out at fixed odds rather than what is in the pot. Full rules and instructions on how to play are contained on our Caribbean Stud page but if you enjoy poker but do not particularly enjoy the bluffing side of it then Caribbean Stud is the game for you. The game is the same on all online casinos but the payouts are not always the same so look around at more than one before deciding which to play. The particular things to watch out for are the size of the jackpot and the percentage payout for a straight flush; all online casino pay out the jackpot for a royal flush so you might as well play at the casino with the highest jackpot but some online casinos pay out a fixed amount for a straight flush whilst others pay a percentage of the jackpot. It is a fairly simple calculation to determine which is better based on the size of the jackpot..