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Caribbean Stud is a great online casino game

By mr-casino on 2015-11-24 13:44:09

If the thought of online poker played against other players is a bit daunting due to the possibility of losing your whole table stake in one go there are other poker games played at online casinos in which you set your own stakes and one of those is Caribbean Stud poker or simply Caribbean Stud as it is more commonly known. Every online casino will have Caribbean stud although for some reason Ladbrokes casino prefers to call this casino game Cyberstud Poker but it is basically the same with slightly different payouts for better hands. Irish casino players have in the past tended to not play Caribbean stud considering it to be a more American game but as more and more people look to online casinos for new casino games it seems to gaining in popularity. Caribbean stud is a poker game but instead of being played against other players it is simply you and the dealer with the better 5 card hand winning. There is no changing of cards to worry about nor is there any bluffing or raising which makes it a much more simple poker game. The game starts with the player placing an ante bet as is the case in many online casino games but as a word of caution, should you later wish to raise the stakes (which only you can do) the raise must be twice the ante meaning that if the maximum you ever want to play for in a single hand is say €15 then your maximum ante should be €5. Two 5 card hands are then dealt, yours will be face up and the dealers will be face down except for one card which will be showing. The only decision is then to play or to fold. To play at Caribbean stud you must raise as previously outlined and if you fold you lose your ante and the hand is over. Should you decide to play then your ante bet is in play but your raise bet is only in play if the dealer ends up with an Ace/King or better. If that is not the case, your ante bet wins regardless of what you have in your hand.