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Caribbean stud is a simple online casino game

By mr-casino on 2014-12-13 12:28:12

If you are interested in playing online poker but are not yet ready for the cut and thrust of a multi player game there is an online casino game called Caribbean Stud Poker which can be a good place to start. All good online casinos carry Caribbean Stud although Ladbrokes casino prefers to call it Cyberstud poker which is played to the same rules but with slightly different payouts. The advantage of playing Caribbean stud at your online casino is that you are only playing against the dealer so there is no raising or bluffing and if your hand is better than the dealers you win and at the same time it gives you an insight into the value of hands and how often certain hands are likely to appear so as an introduction to online poker it is a great casino game. Many Irish casino players avoid Caribbean stud because it is not often played and therefore not fully understood but it is in fact simplicity itself. The game starts by you placing an ante bet which can be anything within the table limits but you should remember that should you wish to play the hand your next bet is double the ante bet so if you want to play for €30 per hand your ante bet should be €10. After the ante bet is placed the cards will be dealt with only one of the dealers cards showing from which information you must decide whether you can beat the dealer or not and ether place an additional bet or fold the hand and lose your ante. In online casino Caribbean stud the dealer must have what is called a qualifying hand in order to play and that is generally an Ace/King or better so if you have elected to play and the dealers hand does not qualify you win your ante bet at odds of 1:1 but your raise bet is simply returned. Caribbean stud is very quick and easy to learn so give it a go at your chosen online casino.