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Caribbean stud is a simple online casino game

By mr-casino on 2012-08-25 17:12:42

Particularly in casinos in the USA you may find special tables often decorated with pictures of coconut trees where you can play Caribbean Stud Poker but at most online casinos you can also play Caribbean stud and although many Irish casino players shy away from the casino game it is in fact simplicity itself to play and can be used as a great introduction to other poker games where you can learn the value of poker hands without coming up against a better player or being bluffed out of a pot. Caribbean stud is simply a game of two five card poker hands, yours and the dealers and whoever has the better hand wins but there are of course one or two things which swing the game in favour of the dealer but having said that Caribbean stud is definitely one of the online casino games that gives you the best chance of winning. The first thing to note is that you must place a bet before the deal which is known as the ante and even if you decide not to play any further after the deal you will lose your ante bet regardless of what the dealer has. Should you decide to play further then you must place another bet equal to your ante bet after which the dealers cards are exposed. There is a further qualification at this point in online Caribbean stud and that is that the dealer must have what is known as a qualifying hand which in most cases is an Ace and a King or better for the hand to pay out. Should the Caribbean stud dealer not have a qualifying hand then your ante bet pays at 1:1 and your additional bet is simply returned (this is regardless of your own hand which might also be less than the Ace/King). If the dealer does have a qualifying hand higher than yours you lose but if the qualifying hand is less than yours then your ante bet pays at 1:1 and your additional bet pays out according to the odds published on the Caribbean stud table which are higher and higher according to the strength of your hand.