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Caribbean Stud is quick to learn and easy to play

By mr-casino on 2010-12-20 09:23:39

If you have never tried Caribbean Stud Poker it is well worth a try and unlike table games played in poker rooms you do not need a great in depth knowledge of the game. Caribbean Stud is a form of 5 card poker which is played against the dealer and not against other players; there is no bluffing involved so if you have a winning hand you win and you fix your stake at the beginning of the hand so you cannot be dragged into larger stakes by other players. Free Caribbean Stud will be available at most online casinos so if you are new to the game play for free first before switching to real money play; having said that, Caribbean Stud really is simplicity itself to play and it will not take long for you to pick it up. Full details of the game are contained on our Caribbean Stud page but in simple terms it runs as follows:- having fixed your stake for the deal (called the ante), which can vary by hand but must remain within the table limits published on the table, both you as the player and the dealer are dealt 5 cards each; only one of the dealers cards will be face up and visible to you. The idea of the game is to have a better poker hand than the dealer so at this point you must decide whether you think you do or do not. If you think you do then you raise your bet by doubling the ante; there is no other size of bet allowed so you know your maximum risk at the outset; if you do not think you do, you fold your cards and lose your ante bet. If you have raised, the four remaining dealer cards are turned over and the hands are compared. There is a requirement that the dealer has a minimum hand of Ace and a King to qualify to play. If the dealer does not have that, your raise stake is returned and your ante bet is paid at even money so you are in profit. If the dealer has a qualifying hand then the hands are compared and if you win the payout is according to the odds displayed on the table; the better the hand the higher the odds. Caribbean Stud Poker is a simple game which is easy to learn and quick to play..