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Caribbean Stud originates in Aruba but is now very popular in online casinos.

By mr-casino on 2010-09-11 14:25:17

It is believed that the game of Caribbean Stud Poker got its name from the fact that it was first played in a casino in Aruba, a casino incidentally that still exists but under a different name. Caribbean poker is very popular in all online casinos and in any casino associated with the American public such as most cruise ships. It is a fairly simple game as poker goes and all you need to know is the sequence of poker hands. Instead of playing against other players as you would with most forms of poker including 5 card stud of which Caribbean stud is a derivative, you are playing against the dealer and for fixed odds. A full explanation can be found by clicking onto Caribbean Stud Poker in our table games section but in simple terms the idea is to get  a better poker hand than the dealer. It is of course predominately luck as there is no bluffing and no changing of cards and unlike some other games you can see all of your cards before deciding whether to play or not (not playing or folding loses you your ante) but you can win far more than your original stake as better hands pay out at increased odds. If you play Caribbean Stud Poker where there is a progressive jackpot the winnings can be quite spectacular if you draw a running flush which is always the trigger for the jackpot. If you want to play for a jackpot take a good look around at various casinos before playing as the jackpots can vary quite a lot and you might as well play for the biggest available. If you do decide to look around remember that at Ladbrokes casino the game is known  as  Cyberstud Poker but it is the same game. Be watchful for payouts on hands such as a straight flush as sometimes these pay out a fixed sum and sometimes a percentage of the jackpot; which is better depends on the size of the jackpot pool..