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Caribbean Stud Poker is a simple online casino game

By mr-casino on 2012-06-12 12:27:49

An online casino game which most people have heard of but fewer play is Caribbean Stud Poker and it may be because it is called “poker” that puts some off playing even though it has few similarities with the true poker games such as Texas Hold’em. In fact the only similarity is the fact that both casino games use 5 cards to form a poker hand. The game of Caribbean Stud is however much simpler to play as there are only two hands dealt, one to the dealer and one to the player, there is no changing of cards and there is no bluffing; it is simply a question of the best hand wins. There are very few decisions to be made in Caribbean Stud but the most important is whether to play your dealt hand or not (which means placing a raise bet equal to twice your ante bet) but even to get this far you need to have made an “ante” bet and if you decide not to play then you will automatically lose this bet. Although you can see your Caribbean stud poker hand when making this decision, you can only see one card of the dealers hand but clearly if you have a pair or better you are going to play but you may also decide to play with a lower hand. In Caribbean stud the dealer must have at least an Ace/King for the raise bet to become active so if you play Caribbean stud and place a raise bet and the dealer does not have an ace/king or better (known as a qualifying hand) your raise bet is returned but your ante bet is still paid out at even money regardless of what you actually have in your hand. Caribbean Stud Poker really is a simple game and nothing to do with other poker games where you can lose all your cash in one round.