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Caribbean stud poker is an easy online casino game

By mr-casino on 2013-03-19 16:22:18

One of the more interesting games to be found at online casinos as well as most land based casinos is Caribbean Stud poker but many Irish casino players tend not to understand the rules and therefore avoid what is a great casino game. Although it is a poker game the only similarity with the tournament game of Texas Hold’em is the fact that there are five cards and the order of the poker hands is the same; Caribbean Stud is not played against other players and there is no bluffing so a winning hand wins. This makes Caribbean Stud an ideal game for poker beginners to learn the value of hands and being an online casino game it can be played at your own pace. To play Caribbean stud you will first need to place an ante bet which can be anything within the table limits but remember than any subsequent bet is twice the ante. After placing the ante bet the cards are dealt and although you can see your hand, only one card is visible from the dealers hand and based on this information you must decide whether to play on or not. Playing on at Caribbean stud means placing an additional bet of twice the ante after which the dealers cards are exposed and the hands compared. You win in Caribbean stud simply by having a better hand than the dealer with the proviso that the dealer must have what is known as a qualifying hand which is an Ace/King or better. Most online casino games have the same rules at all online casinos but Ladbrokes casino have a variation called Cyberstud Poker where although the rule are the same, the payout odds for the hands are different and in particular the odds for the better hands are significantly better. Either way, Caribbean stud is not a casino game that should be ignored as it is very easy to play and gives a good chance of winning.