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Casino blackjack is not as simple as it seems

By mr-casino on 2012-05-23 12:25:41

Experienced Blackjack players know the odds and can frequently make money playing but the thing to remember is that the dealer always has an advantage which for the less experienced online casino player we shall try to explain here at In principle of course at an online casino when playing blackjack there is as much chance of your hand beating the dealer as there is of the blackjack dealer beating you and as a tie is a push and you get your money back you may wonder where the advantage of the online casino lies and it is simply that you always play first and if you bust you lose regardless of what happens later to the dealer. We also know that the dealer will draw cards up to 16 and hold on 17 or over so you might think to follow the same strategy would create your best chance of winning but unfortunately by following this simple blackjack strategy you will almost certainly lose and the reason is that you can expect to go bust on something around 30% of your hands. This of course also means that the blackjack dealer will go bust around 30% of the time which you need to try to use to your advantage by still being in the hand when it happens and the only clue you might have is the exposed card of the blackjack dealer. The weakest dealer hands in blackjack are 15 and 16 simply because there is an above 50% chance that the next card will bust the hand so if the blackjack dealer is showing a 5 or a 6 the chances of them going bust is higher and an experienced blackjack player will try to stay in the hand possibly by standing on a lower number than 17. There are no guarantees in blackjack but a good blackjack player will try to change the odds by using techniques such as these.