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A casino bonus for new players only can be avoided

By mr-casino on 2017-07-06 11:24:05

Online gambling companies rely on a continuous supply of new players and to attract those new players they are always offering bonuses. When it comes to sports gambling those bonuses are generally free bets but online casino bonuses are far more complicated and to avoid disappointment it is good to know what is involved before signing up or registering an account. An online casino bonus for new players generally takes the form of a match of your first deposit into the casino and it is almost universally a 100% match. This means that if you deposit €100 the online casino will give you €100 meaning that you have €200 to play with. There are also online casinos that sometimes offer a bonus on your second or even third deposit but the percentage match is often lower than 100%. Remember though that this is a one off for new registrations only. There are however certain terms and conditions attached to that casino bonus so do not think for a minute that the money is yours to do with as you wish. Your deposit will be in your playing account but the bonus money will be in a bonus account which the casino has created. The difference between the accounts is that money in your playing account can be withdrawn but money in your bonus account cannot.

The online casino makes it possible to transfer the money from the bonus account into your playing account but only after certain conditions have been met. Those conditions are generally expressed as play through requirements and what it means is that that money must be staked a number of times on certain casino games. The number of times does vary but it is not unusual for it to be 40 times or more. This means that if you deposit say €100 and get a €100 bonus then you must stake €4000 before any money can be transferred into your playing account. Be aware that some online casinos will advertise a play through requirement of 20 times instead of 40 times but this will be applicable to both your deposit and the bonus money. It doesn’t take a mathematician to work out that if the bonus was 100% of the deposit then 20 times the deposit plus the bonus is the same as 40 times the bonus but 20 times looks better in the advertisement. The other restriction brought into play is casino games which count towards the play through requirement. Casino games such as Roulette and Blackjack are considered to be low risk games because the casino margin is lower than for instance casino slots so it is not unusual for those casino games not to count at all towards the play through requirement or if they do then only for a much lower percentage such as 10%. To put that into perspective using the above example if roulette counted for 10% you would need to bet €40000 on roulette to complete the wagering requirements of a €100 bonus.

The bonus money is of course available to play any casino games with and can provide enjoyment though that very fact but those expecting a quick profit may be disappointed. There are however alternatives available in the online casino world which some players might prefer and a couple of these are and both of which are accessible directly from this site. It should be mentioned that both of these online casinos have been in operation in the Irish casino market for a number of years and just because you have never heard of them does not mean that they are not excellent online casinos because they are. Both are licensed and registered in Malta which is one of the top centres in Europe for online gambling and both use casino software from NetEnt which again is one of the top suppliers offering a fantastic range of casino games. The difference between these two online casinos and some others is simply that they have recognised that some players do not like the casino bonus system in use at many online casinos and they have come up with alternatives.

Freespins Casino has a system whereby each deposit into the casino entitles the player to a number of free spins on a selection of casino slots. The larger the deposit the more free spins are allocated but the exact number also depends on the casino slot which you select to play at. By registering an account you can see how many free spins you might get before you actually need to make a deposit and therefore you can adjust your deposit accordingly. Clearly when playing free spins it is impossible to actually make a loss s it is reasonable to expect that the online casino places some restrictions on when these winnings can be withdrawn or transferred into your playing account and sure enough they demand that any winnings be wagered 50 times before they can be withdrawn but as it is applicable to winnings only there is still nothing to lose and a lot of entertainment to be had. It is also important to recognise that this offer at Freespins casino is not only for new players but is available to every player on every deposit they make into the casino. You can of course opt out but why would you?

No Bonus Casino has a different offer entirely and offers cash back instead of a casino bonus. There are some limitations so a read of the terms and conditions is advised but in principle if anybody makes a deposit into their casino account on any given day and manages to lose that entire deposit the same day then no bonus casino will refund 10% of the losses the very next day. The good thing about this is that the refunded cash is not placed into any sort of bonus account but directly into your playing account which means that you do what you like with it. If you want to take it out then you can and as was the case with free spins casino the offer is available to every player on every deposit.