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Casino bonuses are not all the same so choose wisely

By mr-casino on 2018-11-14 12:10:09

We have internet shopping and online shopping; we have online banking and internet banking but the term internet casino is rarely heard as everybody refers to them as online casinos. There is no apparent reason why this should be the case unless advertising has something to do with it. All advertisements seem to refer to online casinos rather than an internet casino and as the online casino is a fairly recent phenomenon the first name used often sticks. Advertising for online casinos is actually not as widespread as it is for online sports gambling sites or indeed online bingo sites but when there is advertising it seems to always target new players. Seldom if ever do you see an advertisement for existing players which can suggest rightly or wrongly that the average online casino is only interested in signing up new players and once you are in you become just another number. There are exceptions to this behaviour and a couple of the online casinos on the website recommended list treat all customers the same when it comes to promotions and bonuses. The first of those is No Bonus Casino which you might expect to offer no bonuses to anyone but that all depends on the interpretation of a bonus.

The conventional online casino bonus is one where the casino gives the player additional money as a reward for making a deposit. As previously suggested, however, this is generally for new registrations only. Additionally, although the bonus money granted can be used to play any of the casino games it can be very difficult to meet the requirements needed to withdraw any of that cash or the winnings from it. Those requirements usually involve staking the bonus money around 40 times on certain casino games. Casino games which are considered low risk such as roulette or blackjack are often excluded. If this is the interpretation of a casino bonus then does not offer bonuses but what it does do is offer cash back if you lose. There are certain simple restrictions but in principle if you make a deposit into your online casino account and manage to lose the whole lot on the same day that the deposit was made then 10% will be refunded the very next day. There are a couple of very interesting and attractive points about this offer. Firstly, this is not a promotion to attract new players, although it will inevitably do so, as every player has the chance to take part no matter how long players have been playing at the online casino. Every deposit from every player is eligible. Secondly there is no restriction on which casino games can be played during the process and lastly and possibly the most interesting is that the cash back really is cash. It is placed directly into your playing account and can be accessed immediately to do with as you wish which could of course mean withdrawing it from your account completely with no questions asked. This has got to be far better than a bonus for new players which is hard to get hold of.

The second online casino to be considered is which also offers no bonus in the traditional sense. What happens in this case is that every deposit made into your online casino account entitles you to a number of free spins on a selection of casino slots. The entitlement is there but of course you are free to refuse it should you wish to do so. There are three different sorts of free spins to choose from which vary in value per spin. The higher value of the free spins you choose, the fewer free spins you will receive so the total value of the reward remains the same whichever way you choose to go but the larger your deposit the larger will be the total value of the free spins. Any regular online casino slots player will know that free spins is the place to be as it is impossible to lose. The worst that can happen is that you use up all your free spins and end up with no profit but that would be a very unusual situation. No online casino is in the habit of simply giving away money (they would not be around for long if they did) so it no surprise that freespins casino places terms and conditions on the profits made from the free spins. These conditions are basically staking requirements but as it only affects the profits made from free spins which was never the players money in the first place it seems quite reasonable. Freespins Casino is trying to give players more fun when they make a deposit. Once again this promotion is for all players on every deposit made inot the online casino.

Should you still prefer the traditional type of deposit matching bonus would recommend All Irish Casino which is becoming more and more popular among Irish casino players. This online casino has developed a well earned reputation for being honest and straightforward and recent additions to the list of casino software used, providing even more casino games for you to choose from, will only enhance that reputation further. All Irish Casino does offer a deposit matching bonus to new players but importantly it also offers similar bonuses to existing players as well as other promotions which are for existing players only.  These are generally found on a Wednesday or on special days in the calendar and can be deposit matching bonuses but can also be free spins on casino slots. It pays to keep your eyes open for these offers as they are not permanent and change frequently. Internet casino or online casino it doesn’t matter as they are one and the same thing but it appears that what is on offer from online casinos is not always the same thing so choose wisely when selecting your online casino.