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Casino cheat catching in the Irish casino news

By mr-casino on 2015-12-10 16:14:07

Cheating is again in the Irish casino news but this time it is about how to catch a casino cheat and the answer is to call in a professional cheat catcher. It might seem strange to be reading an article about cheating in casinos on an online casino site especially as online casinos are much less open to cheating than land based casinos but it could happen at the live casino option of an online casino. The cheat catcher is an American by the name of Sal Piacente who before setting up his own company was a dealer, worked in surveillance and most importantly a player. To catch a cheat you need to know how to cheat in the first place so being a player at the casinos is essential. When explaining to the Irish casino news Sal points out that there are two types of cheat which he calls amateurs and professionals, the amateurs rely on luck but the professional practices for hours on end. Of interest to online casino players is the fact that although there are hundreds of cameras in a casino there are only a few people watching them so for example a dealer might be pocketing a few chips at a time and relying on the fact that nobody is watching. Apparently it is not only the casino players which are under suspicion as many cheaters are in fact employees. It is card games rather than other casino games where most of the cheating goes on and if a player is cheating he or she will most likely have the help of the dealer who is for example shuffling cards in such a way as to not disturb a certain portion of the pack. A casino player who can remember the sequence of cards and knows that this has not changed during the shuffle has a big advantage. Online casinos use random number generators not shuffling so it is much more difficult to cheat.