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Casino deposit options are plentiful but not all equal

By mr-casino on 2017-09-20 11:56:20

One thing that online casinos are always trying to do is attract new players and although many of them do this by extensive advertising or apparently offering massive bonuses all this does is attract you to the site where you may or may not actually register for an account. To try to ensure that you do actually register it is essential for the online casino to offer you a range of casino deposit options in the hope that one of them will appeal to you. The online casino is usually not in the least bothered about which of the casino deposit methods you choose with the possible exception of PayPal as it is said that this is more expensive for the casino and in fact there are online casinos such as All Irish Casino that do not even include it in their deposit option list for that reason. Although the chosen casino deposit option does not matter to the casino it should make a difference to the new player and therefore deserves a little thought before committing. Online casino deposits are not the same as any other internet shopping where you might simply reach for your credit card, pay and think no more about it. When the monthly bill comes in you might be in for a bit of a surprise.

Hidden in the small print of the credit card agreement you will almost certainly find a line or two which says that any use of the card to fund gambling will be subject to special charges which could be up to 2% of the amount. The term gambling is also very wide and can even include things such as the UK football pools which many would not consider gambling at all. Obviously online casinos are definitely included. A 2% charge might not seem to some to be a great price to pay for the convenience of playing your favourite casino games but it should be thought of in the context of the margins which are at online casinos. Playing at an online casino is all about enjoyment but it is much more enjoyable when you make money doing it. Margins are small at many online casino games especially roulette and blackjack so if you are losing 2% of your stake money before you have even played a hand it decreases you odds of coming out on top substantially. You still might consider it worth it for the convenience. This is not the end of the story however as far as credit card casino deposits are concerned. As is the case with most casino deposit methods when you use a credit card the cash is available instantly in your account but it is cash which equates it to a cash withdrawal from an ATM. Most people do not use a credit card for an ATM cash withdrawal but those that have done so by mistake or out of necessity will have noticed that when the credit card bill arrives there are interest charges applied. Credit card companies charge interest on all cash transactions from the date of the transaction and at credit card rates which as everybody knows are quite extortionate. Even if you are one of the good people that pay off their credit card balance every month you will still be hit with these charges. As you have possibly gathered by now using a credit card as a chosen casino deposit option might not be the smartest thing you ever do.

Online casino deposits, being internet transactions, can be done with a variety of the so called e-wallets. These are still subject to charges depending on the e-wallet you use but these are not special charges for online gambling they are applicable all the time. One of the major advantages of these internet payment systems is that the recipient of your money does not have your bank details as all you need is your e-wallet number and a password. hastens to add that any of the online casinos listed on their site has very good encryption systems to protect your data but the principle remains that the fewer people that have your details the safer you are likely to be. The relatively small charges that are made might be worth the feeling of security for some. There are plenty of these available and even if you do not have an account it is generally very easy to open one. The most popular amongst Irish casino players are probably Skrill Moneybookers and Neteller. There will be others listed on the online casinos site that you have never heard of but those may well be for overseas visitors that the online casino has to cater for.

Debit cards are also an option for your casino deposit but here there are also advantages and disadvantages. The largest advantage is probably that using a debit card incurs no charges when paying into your casino account or indeed when removing winnings from your account. This is a definite plus compared to most other casino deposit methods and enables all your money to be used for playing the casino games for which it was intended. Te possible disadvantage is that the online casino has to have your bank details in order to process the transaction. As stated above this is not an issue with a well licensed and run casino such as those listed but if you are considering doing your own research to find an online casino instead of following guidance it is something to consider. Another check to be made is how easy it is to get your hands on any money that is withdrawn from the casino. Everybody has the hope of winning money at the online casino and therefore the time required for a withdrawal can be important. It is of course possible to change your casino deposit method at any time so a wrong decision at the beginning need not be catastrophic but a little thought at the start of the process can save a lot of aggravation later in the day.