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Neteller Casino

Neteller Casino

Those who have been actively playing on the online casinos all over the world, know how difficult it once was to make deposits on the online casino accounts. With the new international gambling laws, and most of the credit cards forfeiting payments made to online casinos, it was indeed a difficult time for players who couldn’t deposit money into their online casino accounts. Fortunately, Neteller, one of the world’s most renowned e-wallets and the safest method of depositing into your online casino accounts, opened its doors to all online casinos.

Neteller is one of the most popular payment methods accepted worldwide on online casinos. There are various different services that Neteller performs in the world of online casinos, but none of them even come close to the security and the comfort it provides for those who want to make instant deposits into their accounts. Since Neteller is such an efficient method of making payments, almost all casinos offer their players the Neteller deposit method for uploading funds into their online casino accounts.

What is Neteller?

Neteller is one of the leaders in the global e-wallet and online payment industry. Neteller is an offering of a holding named Neovia Financial. Neovia Financial is a regulated financial service institution and is therefore not entirely, but in a sense comparable to consumer banks. The Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom gave Neovia Financial the license to operate Neteller. The money services offered by Neteller and Neovia Financial are regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Both the online and offline monetary transactions are monitored and regulated by the FSA.

As the name suggests, the Neteller eWallet services help transfer money into from your account into the online wallet. You can use your credit cards, debit cards or online bank transfers to make money transfers into your Neteller account and then use the Neteller account to fund your online casino account.

Purposes and Functioning

The e Wallet account can be used to transfer money to any online merchant. This means that any companies that make use of the services of Neteller can be called an online merchant. They cannot be clustered into a single category. The Neteller account can come into various different uses in this way. For instance, you can use the Neteller account to get access to a new website. You can also use your eWallet to make online purchases and finally, you can use your Neteller eWallet to make online payments on online casinos. The Neteller oline casino accounts are easy to fund and the funds are transferred in real time. Finishing the payment is also very easy. All you have to do is to select the service or product and then select Neteller as the payment method. Though Neteller is still relatively new, it is accepted by almost all online merchants in the UK. It is also catching up fast in the United States of America. In fact, it is already a preferred method of payment with most US online casinos.

How It Works

Neteller is a rather simple application. It has been prepared by software developers like any other online application. The technical working of the e Wallet is very simple. Once an online merchant has included Neteller into their payment methods, a direct connection to the Neteller account can be established. The direct connection is made through a secure, encrypted server so that it cannot be hacked and your personal information cannot be leaked. Once the connection with the encrypted Neteller servers is established, you will be asked for passwords and other verification details after which your online payment will be successful.

As soon as your payment is made through the secure channels, you will be directed back to the merchant site and given a receipt of the successful online transaction. The Neteller online casino accounts also function in the same way. This is just like any other ordinary transaction, with the only difference being that this is a more digitalized system.

Advantages For Users

Neteller employs a very simple system for signing up. There are several benefits of signing up for a Neteller account. The biggest benefit is that the payment method can be used for several different services and products over the internet.

Another great benefit of Neteller online casino accounts is that all the transactions made using this e Wallet system are anonymous. This means that you can both finish and finalize your payments without having to give your personal details to anyone. The only time a Neteller account asks for your details it when you initially sign up for an account. This enables Neteller to give you a safe and secure service, which is extremely necessary for transferring money to online casino accounts. However, these are simply prerequisites for registration. Neither the online merchants nor Neteller would again ask for any personal information.

The sign up is extremely easy. All you have to do is go to the Neteller website and click for a new registration. You will be asked to give a username and a password and some other preliminary details. If your preferred method of funding your Neteller online casino account is by credit card, you may be asked to verify your credit card. To do this, Neteller will charge you a small amount on your card and then reimburse you for the same. Once you confirm the transaction code as mentioned in your credit card statement, your credit card is confirmed and you can proceed to fund your accounts. This is simply a safety measure to ensure that your credit card and your Neteller online casino account cannot be used by anyone except for you. This also prevents credit card fraud.

Lastly, another important benefit of having a Neteller online casino account is that all the transactions of Neteller are regulated and monitored by the Financial Services Authority, United Kingdom. This means that you can rest assured that all transactions are safe and secure and Neteller will always offer you only the safest of products.