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Casino gambling advertising is far less than sports gambling advertising

By mr-casino on 2017-09-08 09:23:47

Internet gambling has come into focus in recent weeks and in particular the advertising that surrounds internet sports gambling rather than internet casino gambling. It is not that long ago when tobacco advertising was banned as it was deemed to be a problem and it looks as if gambling could be the next thing under the spotlight. It must be said that at any live event which is being televised there will be at least one advert for a betting company in every break and although the emphasis is on sports gambling they will not fail to mention an online casino or two. Couple this with the extensive shirt sponsorship in football where for example nine current English Premiership clubs have gambling companies as shirt sponsors and it is not hard to imagine why some think it is getting out of hand. There are differing opinions about how much problem gambling is around but in some reports it is estimated that the average sports gambler has five different accounts in order to chase the best odds. This appears less likely to happen in online casinos where a casino game such as roulette has the same odds anywhere. It is also interesting that many of the adverts in sports gambling are aimed at all players whereas online casino promotions are mainly targeting new customers although there are at least a couple of exceptions to that.

One example of this can be found at and which is actually one of the favourite online casinos of The name rather gives away what this online casino is all about and that is not giving away any bonus to anyone. This might seem rather a difficult strategy in comparison with so many of the other online casinos that promise huge bonuses for new players but No Bonus Casino has an alternative and that is cash back when you lose. Anybody who has accepted a joining bonus and the terms and conditions associated with it will realise that it can actually be extremely difficult to get your hands on any of the bonus money that is promised. That is not to say that those online casinos are not behaving correctly it is simply that the rules surrounding the casino bonus make it difficult but those rules are explained in the terms and conditions. It is just that so many people do not read terms and conditions carefully and can end up disappointed. Most of these casino bonuses are what are called matching deposit bonuses whereby your first ever deposit into your online casino account is matched 100% by the casino. The issue is that whereas your deposit cash goes into your playing account the bonus money goes into a bonus account. Money from a bonus account cannot be withdrawn so you have to get it converted into your playing account and to do that you need to stake it on casino games a number of times which is often as high as 40 times. Added to this the fact that not all casino games count towards the staking requirement or if they do then it is for a much smaller percentage. Roulette and Blackjack are typical examples of this. The idea behind this is that you will lose the bonus money before you ever get to fulfil the requirements. In regular online casino play you can quit while you are ahead and take the profits but that is  not the case with a bonus where you must complete the requirements and do so within a given time frame.

The approach by No Bonus Casino is a lot simpler and simple states that if you make a deposit within certain limits on any given day and manage to lose all of that deposit on the same day then 10% will be refunded the very next day. There are a couple of very good features associated with this offer the first of which is that it is not an offer which is only available to new players, it is there for every player on every deposit they make not their online casino account. The second point is that the cash that you receive back is placed directly into your playing account rather than any sort of bonus account which means that it is yours to do with as you wish. You can of course continue to pay any of the casino games with it or you could even take it from your account altogether. Apart from this excellent promotion No Bonus Casino is an excellent online casino which is correctly licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and use predominately the well known casino software by NetEnt which also gives it a great range of casino games. Opening an account is easy for Irish casino players and there are plenty of deposit options available.

Another online casino which attempts to offer an alternative to the one off joining bonus is freespinscasino . Again the promotion is not simply for new registrations to the casino but is there for every deposit made for every player but you can opt out if you wish. In a nutshell every deposit into your online casino account entitles you to a number of free spins on a selection of casino slots. The exact number of free spins will depend on the size of your deposit and which of the casino slots you elect to play them at but it can be several hundred. When playing free casino it is almost inevitable that you will end up making a profit so it reasonable in this instance that the online casino insists on the winnings being staked a number of times before you can get your hands on it but this only applies to the winnings and not to your original deposit so there is nothing to lose really. You may not get your hands on any of the winnings from free casino play but there is a lot of free fun to be had. Once again Freespins Casino use NetEnt casino software and is correctly licensed and operated.