Casino and online casino list for Ireland

The casino games of roulette and casino slots seem to be the most popular

By mr-casino on 2017-12-29 09:22:24

There are very many casino games available at online casinos these days and the ones that seem to be the most popular are those that do not require too much thinking about suggesting that players are relying on pure luck. This is in contrast to other forms of gambling where for example some people will spend considerable time looking at the form of horses or football teams before placing their bets.  Even this does not always guarantee success as we all know. At an online casino however it seems that roulette and casino slots are preferred and both of these are pure gambling games involving no skill at all. Casino slots come in all shapes and sizes but most of them fall into the category of three reel slots or five reel slots. There are exceptions to that which will be looked at later which although having five columns of three symbols, or three rows of five symbols depending on which way you look at it, do not work in the same way. An online casino will often separate the casino slots into two categories in a different way namely slots and video slots. The differentiation between these two is rather vague but generally the more complicated five reel slots will be found under the video slots banner and the more simple three reel slots will be under the slots banner but do not be surprised if you find any of the casino slots under both banners.

There will often be yet another category called jackpots where you will find all the jackpot casino slots grouped together along with other jackpot games which could include Caribbean stud as an example. Many Irish casino players do like to go for the large jackpots so grouping these together can be helpful but they can generally be found under the video slots tab as well. Which Jackpot slots an online casino has depends on the casino software which they are using but probably the most popular are those from Microgaming or NetEnt both of which can be found at online casinos such as All Irish Casino. The biggest Microgaming jackpot slots are Mega Moolah™ and Mega Moolah Isis™ and they are pretty much guaranteed to be €1 million plus but Major Millions™ is another of their casino slots where the jackpots can run very high. The NetEnt casino jackpot slots include names such as Mega Fortune™ which is a regular five reel 25 winning line slot where there are three different jackpots. The Mega jackpot is the largest followed by the Major Jackpot and lastly the Rapid Jackpot. All jackpots are accessed by having three or more Bonus symbols and from then on it is a question of bet size and luck. Other jackpot casino slots from NetEnt include Hall of Gods™ and Arabian NIghts™. Arabian Nights is the simpler of the two having only 10 winning lines but whereas Mega Fortune™ has 25 winning lines which are fixed, Arabian Nights gives the opportunity to play anything from one winning line to the maximum of ten.

Leaving the jackpot slots aside there are a few casino slots, as previously mentioned, that run in a slightly different way and that is instead of having the symbols attached to reels which all move together there are still fifteen symbols visible but they are all independent of each other. This is more difficult to describe than it is to see but a typical example can be found at the casino slot Jack Hammer™ which in turn can be found at the online casino All Irish Casino or indeed at No Bonus Casino or any of the online casinos that carry the NetEnt casino software. There are not that many casino slots that use this arrangement at the moment but there could be more on the way as it definitely adds a different dimension to casino slots play. Jack Hammer™ uses this arrangement to create what is called Sticky Wins™ and it works as follows. When any win is triggered which can be as little as three same symbols on any one of the 25 winning lines, all symbols involved in that win are automatically held and all other s are spun again. Because all symbols are independent of each other it means that if, for example, three symbols are held then all 12 others are replaced. In a standard five reel casino slot the original three winning symbols would be on three different reels which would leave only two reels available to be spun again. Having re-spun the remaining symbols, if the new arrangement results in an increased win which it invariable does then the whole process is repeated. This holding and re-spinning continues until the win is no longer improved after which the highest win is paid out. It is really interesting to see how a very minor win can escalate into a substantial sum. The casino slot also has wilds and free spins symbols and the latter become really interesting as in free spins mode all wins are tripled. It takes five free spins symbols to trigger free spins but the Sticky Wins™ feature is also applied to those free spins symbols so a minimum of three will be held in the hope of getting more.

Another of the casino slots offered by NetEnt which uses the same system but in a different way is Gonzo’s Quest™. Apart from being a very entertaining casino slot Gonzo’s Quest™ uses the fact that the symbols are independent by holding all the symbols that are not involved in a win and replacing all those that are. Gonzo’s Quest™ is a sort of Aztec themed casino slot with the symbols on blocks of stone and when a win is achieved the blocks of stone with the winning symbols actually explode. There is a win multiplier in this game which moves to 2x after the first win and therefore doubles any subsequent win. Once again this continues until no further win is achieved with the win multiplier moving through 3x to the maximum win of 5x.