Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Casino slots are always popular

By mr-casino on 2015-05-08 11:45:01

Online casino slots are probably the most favourite of all casino games and online casinos will have dozens if not hundreds from which to choose but one of the quicker ways to make a choice is first to decide what you want to win. Casino slots come in only two basic formats and they are three reel slots and five reel slots with the 3 reel slots being the easiest to follow what is going on. Five reel slots can be very complicated and trying to track your winning lines can be nearly impossible but fortunately the software will let you know when you have won. If you are interested in playing small stakes for modest wins at your online casino then 3 reel slots are probably the answer but if you want the big jackpots which often run into the millions of Euro then you will need to be playing at the progressive 5 reel slots and you will also need to be playing the maximum stake per line. You will notice that several online casinos offer the same range of casino slots which comes about by them using the same casino software so for example All Irish Casino and Free Spins casino both have identical casino slots offering as they both use casino software from NetEnt. One useful feature of online casino slots is that if you are a pure gambler you can set the play to auto after you have fixed your stake per line and the number of lines and then sit back and see what happens which if you play slots for any length of time is more relaxing. There are no good casino slots or bad casino slots as it is all a question of personal preference but likes one or two of the slots on offer at All Irish casino because they are a little bit different.