Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Casino slots are games of pure chance and no skill

By mr-casino on 2019-03-30 13:06:24

Online casinos have a huge variety of casino games available and although many of them can also be played at land based casinos (not in Ireland obviously) the range of casino slots is much greater. Generally speaking Irish online casino players fall into one of two categories and they are table games players and casino slots players. There are of course players who fall into both camps but the majority seem to prefer one or the other and they are quite different. The most popular table games are roulette and blackjack probably because they are simple to play and most people know how but even these attract different people. Roulette players on the whole realise that this is a game of pure luck which makes them more likely to also play casino slots but blackjack players recognise that there is an element of skill or judgement required and therefore will probably not play games of pure luck. There is still a large element of luck involved in blackjack but deciding when to hold and when to draw cards can affect the outcome. It could become technical at this point and get into the realms of chance and probability but it is a fact that good blackjack players are more likely to win than poor players because they recognise when the dealer has a potentially weak hand and play accordingly.

Casino slots players like roulette players rely on pure luck to turn a profit as there is no skill involved at all. There are those who believe that because certain numbers or certain symbols have not been seen for a while it makes them more likely to appear imminently but this is false thinking as the games are controlled by random number generators whose whole point is to be random so what has gone before has no bearing at all on what might happen next. The main difference between casino slots and roulette is the potential payouts. Roulette games have a maximum payout of 35:1 and that is for a single number so if you want to win really large amounts of cash then you need to be placing large bets. Casino slots on the other hand provide the chance to win millions of Euro for very small stakes and that is certainly one of the attractions. The chances of winning millions are of course remote but that does not stop people trying in the same way that millions play the lotteries on a regular basis. Casino slots are not an all or nothing game so it is very possible to win decent amounts without hitting the jackpot and indeed many casino slots do not have jackpots but still provide for wins in the thousands of Euro. The really large jackpot slots are the likes of Mega Moolah™ which is from casino software supplier MIcrogaming and Hall of Gods™ which is a NetEnt produced casino slot either of which have jackpots well over €1 million but there are smaller jackpots at the likes of King Cashalot™ or Major Millions™ which again are products of Microgaming. It does not matter that much who the casino software provider is as long as your chosen online casino has the games and as the two mentioned casino software providers are carried by all the listed online casinos at  there is no problem finding them. Actually not all online casinos recommended carry these games as Paddy Power casino has a sole arrangement with Playtech that have their own jackpots and range of casino slots.

For those playing casino slots making money is often not the prime objective, although it is gratefully received when it happens, but entertainment is, so many casino slots have themes based on film characters or even music stars such as Jimi Hendrix where his music accompanies play. Some casino slots rely on their own characters to provide the entertainment such as one of the favourites of Gonzo’s Quest™. This slot is all about Gonzo who is an intrepid explorer in darkest Peru seeking gold amongst the Aztecs. The symbols are Aztec themed and are carved onto blocks of stone but unusually when winning combination of blocks is achieved they explode. This creates spaces which are filled by any blocks above dropping down and any in the top row being replaced. At the same time a win multiplier ticks on to 2X so that if the rearranged blocks result in a further win it pays double. This continues to happen for as long as wins keep being produced and the win multiplier moves to 3X and then 5X. All this happens automatically without the need for further staking so a nominal small win can quickly become something very substantial.

The fun really starts however when Gonzo starts to get involved. He is standing by the screen the whole time watching what is going on and spends a lot of time scratching his beard but get  decent win and he will be there dancing a jig with you. The free spins mode is when he really gets active and escorts you through to a separate game in which the win multiplier starts at 5X and progresses through to 15X with successive wins. This is where the big money is and when the coins start cascading over the top Gonzo is there helping you collect and he even removes his helmet to make collection easier. Casino slots should have this element of fun and humour.

One of the more recent additions in the casino slots offerings comes from Amanet and they focus on the more simple games which are easy to follow. They have casino slots which use the traditional fruit symbols and bars but more importantly do not have complicated winning line patterns which are difficult to follow. They avoid this by either having limited winning lines  which can be as little as one or by having winning symbols anywhere on the reels such as at All Ways Fruits™. If you prefer simple casino slots then this is for you at