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Casino slots are probably the most played online casino game

By mr-casino on 2012-12-03 08:46:18

There are many casino games to choose from at an online casino but perhaps the greatest variation of games is in the casino slots section and the variations are in the number of reels and the number of winning lines plus of course the stake at which you wish to play. Casino slots originate from the “one armed bandits” or “fruit machines” that were in clubs and bars, and still are in some places, where a pull on the handle was required and the mechanism was mechanical. It was this mechanical activation that limited the possible winning combinations and the earlier machines were one winning line and a fixed stake. The age of electronics has revolutionised the casino slot machine and online casinos have only been able to adopt them relatively recently but adopt them they have until casino slots are the most played of all online casino games with most online casinos offering upwards of 100 different slots. There are still modern casino slots that have one winning line although most of those will allow different stakes with payouts being multiples of the stake but often the jackpot needs to be played at the maximum stake for the slot. All casino slots come into one of two basic categories being 3 reels or 5 reels with the 5 reel slots offering the most winning lines but there are also differences in the number of symbols showing in the screen which also increases the winning lines. The biggest variation however in online casino slots is in the way that free spins and wilds are triggered as these often lead into the bonus rounds where the real money is so you need to find a casino slot that suits you. The symbols and the sound effects also vary which can be important to some and do you chase the large jackpots or are you happy with one of only a few thousand Euro?