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Casino slots at an online casino have a better payout

By mr-casino on 2013-09-09 16:48:41

At any online casino there are many casino games available but the most popular are often the casino slots and there are a number of possible reasons for this which certainly include the fact that there are huge jackpots to be won for very little outlay. Casino slots of course require no skill whatsoever so it becomes a matter of pure luck but it is important to note that casinos slots at online casinos will have a much better payout percentage than those found anywhere else. The payout percentage of casino slots is the average that is paid back in winnings relative the money staked so for example a casino slot with a 97% payout will pay out an average of €97 for every €100 staked. When compared to other casino games such as roulette, this is really not a bad return but that does not of course mean that if you play €100 you will always get €97 paid out; the average is calculated over a very long time and there are also contributions to jackpot pools to be accounted for. The variety of casino slots is huge at all online casinos so the first decision is simply whether you want to play for the very large jackpots or whether smaller jackpots with a better chance of winning are more suitable. Bear in mind that all jackpot slots will require you to play the maximum allowable per line to win the maximum jackpot but that does not mean that you also have to play the maximum number of lines so you can restrict your stake per spin by reducing the number of lines and still be in with a chance of the jackpot. After that decision your choice of casino slot is down to personal preference of the symbols and the music but try one or two of the slots in free play mode first which will make the decision easier.