Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Casino slots can provide great entertainment as well as a big win

By mr-casino on 2018-03-11 15:04:15

Online casinos provide great entertainment for many Irish casino players who without an online casino would have no access to casino games at all. You can go to the local bookmaker to enjoy sports betting instead of playing online but very few have access to a land based club where casino games can be played. The nearest you are likely to get is a club which has one or more fruit machines but they bear little resemblance to the casino slots which are available at online casinos in their hundreds. This is no exaggeration as many online casinos carry well over 100 casino slots alongside the widely played roulette and blackjack and other table games. Casino slots do seem to remain a firm favourite for Irish casino players although it would be very difficult to pick a most played slot as everybody has their own favourites. One of the differentiation factors is whether the player is going for the large jackpots or not. Those that are will be playing casino slots such as Mega Moolah™ which is a casino slot from Quickfire casino software or perhaps Mega Fortune™ which is a slot from NetEnt both of which regularly have jackpots in the multi millions of Euro. These casino slots are available at several of the online casinos recommended by including number one on the list All Irish Casino.

There are far more online casinos than there are casino software suppliers that create these slots but that is certainly not a bad thing when it comes to jackpot slots. The jackpot on these casino slots is controlled by the casino software supplier rather than any of the individual online casinos that carry the game on their sites which means that the game is the same wherever it is played. The jackpot is built up by each spin on the slot contributing a small amount so in effect all online casinos that carry the slot are contributing. Clearly the more online casinos that carry the jackpot slot the quicker the jackpot will build. This also goes some way to explain why online casinos seem so happy when one of their players hits a large jackpot when you might expect them to be unhappy about losing so much cash. In fact of course with the casino software company looking after the jackpot cash it costs an individual online casino nothing when one of its players has the big win but the casino has all the publicity which it is free to use to attract new players.

Not everybody who plays casino slots is searching for the millions of Euro which require large stakes and where there is a small chance of winning. There are loads of casino slots that have much smaller jackpots such as Super Lucky Frog which in fact has three jackpots aptly named Super, Lucky and Froggy and they range in size from a few hundred Euro to few thousand. There are also free spins in which mode all wins are tripled plus you can win more free spins in that mode. There are also casino slots that focus more on the entertainment element while still offering the chance of sizeable wins such as Gonzo’s Quest™. Gonzo’s Quest™ is a five reel slot with a difference as it actually has no reels but it does have fifteen symbols visible on the screen. The slot is based in darkest Peru where Gonzo is an intrepid explorer searching for gold and the symbols are Aztec type hieroglyphics which are carved onto stone blocks. The fifteen blocks are arranged in five columns three high and when a winning line is achieved the blocks in that win explode leaving any blocks above to drop down with any in the top row being replaced. At the same time there is a win multiplier which moves to 2X so that if the new arrangement of blocks results in another win that win pays double. The process also repeats itself until no win is achieved but the win multiplier moves to 3X and to 5X with successive wins. All of this happens automatically so there is no need to add additional funds from your bank. Gonzo in the meantime is observing everything spending his time scratching his beard and waiting for you to win big. The best chance of big wins is in free spins mode which is called free falls in this casino slot. Enter this mode and Gonzo himself will escort you to a different game where all wins start at 3X and the win multiplier runs up to 15X face value which is pretty impressive. A big win will result in gold coins cascading over the top of the slot and even Gonzo will join in by removing his hat and trying to collect the falling coins. Don’t worry though they are all yours.

Gonzo’s Quest is pure entertainment with its amusing graphics. Another one of the great casino slots is Jack Hammer™ which is also a NetEnt casino software slot available at most of the online casinos listed on this site. This casino slot has a feature called Sticky Wins™ which also works by the slot having independent symbols rather than being attached to reels. Sticky Wins™ works when any win is triggered and what happens is that those symbols in that win are automatically held while all others are spun again. If your win is only three symbols this means that all other 12 are spun again which is highly likely to end up with another matching symbol thus increasing the win. This is what is meant by Sticky Wins™. It does not stop there however as the process of holding winning symbols and spinning all other s again continues until the win is no longer improved upon. The highest win is then paid. Even a small win with three matching symbols can easily end up becoming substantial. Casino slots come in all shapes and sizes with many different themes and graphics so even if you have a favourite it is worth looking around at new ones. Play them for free at All Irish Casino to see if you like them.