Casino and online casino list for Ireland

Casino slots provide entertainment and a chance to win big

By mr-casino on 2019-02-10 13:00:03

It has been in the news recently that William Hill is closing many betting shops in the UK partly due to the fact that so many people are turning to playing at online casinos. This is very much a UK based thing as the Government has announced that stakes on fixed odds betting terminals will be reduced from £100 to £2 per spin. Apparently these FOBTs make an important contribution to the profits of bookmakers shops and without them they cannot survive. It is very interesting that betting shops all over Ireland seem to manage without them. There is no doubt however that many people are attracted by the vast array of casino games that are available at online casinos and for would be Irish casino players this is the only way to play these games. Other countries might have real land based casinos whereas Ireland does not but even then players are much more likely to enjoy playing casino games such as casino slots online rather than have to drive to a casino. The advantage of an online casino is that you can log in and play instantly and for as long or as short as you like. If you go to a land based casino you are most unlikely to be there for only 15 or 30 minutes whereas at online casinos you can have a few spins, go do something else and come back later.

Another reason that online casinos are increasing in popularity is the range of casino slots which are available. Even the best land based casinos only have possibly 40 or 50 slots and many of those will be identical. Compare that to online casinos where it is not unusual to find a selection of hundreds of casino slots and they are all different. There is even an online casino called Royal Slots which specialises in casino slots although there are other casino games on the site as well. What makes casino slots particularly attractive is the possibility to win large amounts of money with very little outlay. Our own Irish lotteries are similar and they are extremely popular. The difference however is that lotteries are a bit of an all or nothing as concerns wins but casino slots provide plenty of smaller prizes while waiting for the big one so after playing for a while you may well be in profit without having hit a really large win but it is still the big wins that are the attraction. There are of course big wins and there are massive wins. Every casino slot has the potential to pay out a big win but the massive wins are restricted to a handful of casino slots. By massive wins we are talking about those that run into the millions of Euro and these are referred to as progressive jackpot slots. They include slots such as Major Millions™. Mega Moolah™ and Mega Fortune™ but there are others and they are generally from major casino software suppliers such as Microgaming or NetEnt. These casino slots are called progressive and they can grow to such large amounts because so many people are playing them which in turn is because these slots feature in many different online casinos but they all contribute to the same jackpot. You will almost certainly be required to play for the maximum stake per line that the slot allows in order to win these multi million Euro jackpots but there are minor jackpots which can be achieved with smaller stakes which are also not to be sniffed at.

There are also casino slots that have jackpots that are not so large and it is sometimes interesting to play these as they may still be thousands of Euro and the chances of hitting one is much greater than hitting a million Euro jackpot. Many Irish casino players however are not chasing a big jackpot and for them there is a great choice of casino slots which provide loads of entertainment. Remember that if there is a large jackpot that is money which is not available for other wins. A casino slot without a jackpot is likely to have more winners that one with. Casino slots such as the all tie favourite Gonzo’s Quest™ has no jackpot but there are large sums to be won. Get into the free spins mode (actually called free falls in this slot) where wins are automatically tripled and successive wins can be rewarded at up to 15 times face value and it is amazing how quickly a few thousand Euro can be won and this is with pretty normal stakes. Before selecting a casino slot, therefore, you need to decide what sort of slots layer you want to be. Are you a jackpot chaser or a player who plays for enjoyment but always hopes for a really big win commensurate with the stakes that you are willing to play for. Most come into the latter category which is why casino slots such as Gonzo’s Quest™ and Jack Hammer™ keep their popularity. You might be fan of a particular music artist or a TV show and if so look out for casino slots such as Jimi Hendrix™ where his music blasts out while you are playing or Game of Thrones™ with the original soundtrack and 243 ways to win. If you are looking for something simpler and easier to follow then look for the slots tab rather than the video slots tab and you may find casino slots by Amanet such as All Ways Fruits™ which uses fruit symbols from days gone by and still provides plenty of wins. The choice of casino slots really is endless and if you want to try a few of them go to or The advantage of these online casinos is that you can play for free on any of the casino games even before registering an account let alone depositing money. The casino slots play in exactly the same way whether you are playing free casino or for real money but make sure you don’t win big money while playing for free.