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Casino slots remain as popular as ever at online casinos

By mr-casino on 2019-05-17 16:34:29

Online casinos have a huge variety of casino games but strangely enough it seems most Irish casino players are creatures of habit and tend to stick with those games which they know with the possible exception of casino slots players who do tend to try out new slots every now and then. Roulette players and Blackjack players seem to be the most loyal to their game, especially blackjack players who see the game as having an element of skill and judgment rather than just pure luck and indeed it is difficult to argue that this is not the case. A good blackjack player can increase their chances of winning quite a bit by watching what is going on rather than simply following the traditional route of drawing cards to 17 or above and then holding. That is the way that the dealer must play their cards but this will inevitably result in the hand busting on a number of occasions. The dealer going bust is a good thing for the player but only if they are still in the hand. If the player has already bust when the dealer busts they have still lost. This is about the only edge that the dealer has in blackjack so the secret is to still be in the hand when the dealer busts which sounds easy but of course is not. There is however a clue in that the dealer hand has one card showing and if that is a five or a six it is more likely that the hand will bust.

Roulette on the other hand is an online casino game of pure luck which is the very reason that many people play it. Not everybody likes to concentrate when playing at an online casino preferring instead to just relax, throw a few chips on the table and wait and see what happens. That is the same reason that players enjoy casino slots as once again there is no element of skill. Some online casinos players will have you believe that even when playing roulette it pays to know which numbers have gone before or which have been more frequent numbers often called hot or cold numbers. Believe when it says that this has absolutely no relevance to which number might drop next. The whole roulette game at an online casino works with a random number generator as do most casino games and the idea is that the result is random. Many online casinos provide information about which numbers have been previous winners or which have been hot or cold recently. If that were useful information the online casino would not provide it. Roulette is however a really good casino game because as well as being a game of luck there are no god bets or bad bets which makes it easy to learn. Whether you place chips on two adjacent numbers or on the line between the numbers has no bearing on the outcome if you win. Similarly placing chips on 12 different numbers or backing a complete column has the same result.

The greatest variety of casino games can be found under the casino slots section which is sometimes two sections with one called video slots and the other simply slots. The video slots tend to be the more complex games and the slots the more simple. There are really only two types of casino slots and they are three reel and five reel. Three reel slots are far and few between these days but a few of them can still be found at No Bonus Casino and they are still popular because they are easy to follow which many folk like. Many of the video slots have such complicated patterns of winning lines that it becomes impossible for the player to determine accurately and quickly when they have a win and when not. Fortunately the casino software will take care of it so players will never miss out but still there are many who like to see for themselves. Most online casinos have literally hundreds of casino slots to choose from so it is impossible to say that one is better than another so it is a question of personal preference which is often determined by previous experience. A casino slot where a player has won before is more likely to be played than one where they have never won.

The really large wins are to be found at the progressive jackpot slots and indeed those jackpots are often millions of Euro. Obviously the chances of winning the jackpot are quite small but then on the other hand millions of people play lotteries where the chance of winning the top prize is also quite small but in both cases somebody will win. Those  casino slots will often have different levels of jackpots and to win the largest you will probably have to be playing for the maximum amount per line so that is not for the faint hearted but most casino slots players are very happy with wins of  few thousand Euro which can be done at many non progressive jackpot slots. You can choose casino slots with specific themes such as Marvel comic characters or even your favourite music or TV game show but if it is simple entertainment you are looking for then try Gonzo’s Quest™ or Jack Hammer™

Gonzo’s Quest™ centres around the intrepid explorer Gonzo in darkest Peru and it has some amusing features such as exploding blocks and a win multiplier but the real entertainment is Gonzo himself who takes a very active interest in what is going on from the sidelines. His reactions vary from complete boredom when nothing is happening which involves him scratching his beard to dancing around with joy when a large win is achieved. A really big win will cause him to remove his helmet and help you gather up the gold coins which come cascading over the screen wall. Jack Hammer has a different unique feature called Sticky Wins™ whereby a win will be held and all other symbols spun again to see if that win can be improved upon. This ca resuly in some very impressive wins for no extra outlay.